Setting up your Flybarless Control System system



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Many of us today are buying helicopters that do NOT have a flybar.  These are becoming more and more popular due to the introduction of relatively low cost electronic controllers (known as 3G controllers because they use 3 separate gyros to control how the flybarless system works)

These 3G controllers are indeed very sophisticated in what they can do, and you might want to think of them as being very similar to the computer systems used on modern aircraft to handle their "fly by wire" control systems.  Although the 3G is nothing like as complex, a radio controlled flybarless helicopter will basically not fly unless you have one of these control units fitted to handle the rapid control changes that only such electronics can do.

The downside of this is that because the 3G units are sophisticated, they are necessarily somewhat complex to set up, and do require that you have a reasonable level of understanding of things like "piro rates", "cyclic pitch control maximums", "Servo end points", "Sub Trims" and various other terms that you quite reasonably do not understand at all.

That is where I come in, as I have been building and setting up helicopters of all sorts for a great many years now, and have of course moved with the times as the various newer technologies have arrived.  I have worked with most of the better known 3G control systems such as Align 3G and now 3SX, the BeastX system, the Tarot ZYX system, and the CopterX 3G system.

A thing to remember when pricing these 3G flybarless systems is that SOME of them, Spektrum in particular, provide various ways, including simply attaching a satellite receiver to the 3G controller itself, so you do not have to also buy a 6 channel receiver.

Shown below are the Spektrum AR72008X, which is a hybrid of a Spektrum 7 channel Receiver plus a built in BeastX system, and on the right the Tarot ZYX system control box.

To configure any of these you will need to know exactly how to adjust your helicopter mechanically as well as electronically, and therefore understand many of the terms that are bandied around these days. In the same way as many other complex systems, if you get it wrong, there is a very good chance that it will do exactly the opposite of your expectations and actually cause your helicopter to go out of control.

If the concept of trying to do this yourself, perhaps after a crash, is somewhat intimidating, you might well be advised to let someone like myself take the task over and do it for you.  This will of course include test flights to ensure that it is flying correctly.

It is hard to estimate the time involved for any individual helicopter as it varies depending on what changes need to be made mechanically, but on average my charge to sort this out for you will not exceed 35

IMPORTANT - If you have a flybarless helicopter you CANNOT also fit any form of auto pilot system such as Alien Command, but if you really want an auto pilot as well, then the newest Helicommand systems (3SX etc) do provide BOTH 3G control AND auto pilot features, but at a pretty high cost.

So why not give me a call on 07990 57 81 48 between 10 and 4pm,
or email me at
and I will be very happy to talk all of the options through with you to 
ensure that you select the most suitable system for your needs and pocket.