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A great many of the people that want a scale helicopter of whatever size, and here we can be talking of those from 450 (.30) size up to those of around 1/8th to 1/6th scale, and quite often around 6 feet long, like to build them themselves, but as with everything, there are those pilots who would really like such an aircraft, but do not have the room, or maybe even the very many skills & range of equipment needed to do so successfully.

I understand that only too well, which is no doubt why I have already been asked to build several larger helicopters on behalf of their eventual owners.

So I am now very happy to introduce this as another 
ChopperAddict service to anyone that wants to take advantage of it.

The types of helicopters I am talking about are as shown below :-

This is a 500 size Augusta 109 which will be fitted out with Trex mechanics

A VERY LARGE Vario McDonnell-Douglas 900 NOTAR helicopter under construction 
towards the end of 2009 

An equally large scale Hirobo Schweizer 300 helicopter under construction in 
the summer of 2009 

Typically, these types of large helicopters take from around a month or so up to 3+ months, depending on the type of model requested, and the amount of work involved.  I am sure you will realise that all such models do take a great deal of time, patience and skill to bring them from from concept to completion and flying. 

What I will do

The larger scale aircraft typically cost anywhere from 1000+ for the Hirobo Schweizer, upwards to 3,000 to 4,000 for the MD900 shown above, when including radio, servos, starter etc etc.  The smaller ones such as the Augusta 109 shown above might cost you around 750 or so.  These prices are for the fuselages, mechanics and radio gear only.  Build and/or painting costs are additional.

If you have already purchased your helicopter kit, thats just fine, but if not, I will first of all discuss the type and size of aircraft you want, and then I will prepare a quote for the aircraft of your choice, including all of the required parts, and any other stuff that you tell me you need.  If you also need radio gear I will quote for that too.  My pricing is based simply on the list prices stated by the manufacturers such as Hirobo, Vario and other major suppliers, and all other parts will be purchased from one or more of the well known and well respected Internet helicopter stores.  

PLEASE NOTE THAT I DO NOT HAVE ANY COMMERCIAL LINK WITH ANY SUPPLIERS OR KIT BUILDERS, SO I AM COMPLETELY UNBIASED, and therefore will quote you the prices I have been quoted by the relevant suppliers.

I am happy to handle ELECTRIC, NITRO, or GASSER powered helicopters.

The Deal

If you decide after getting my quote that you want me to proceed with your project, I do of course ask you to transfer to my bank account the amount quoted for all of the parts needed before the build starts.  I cannot finance parts purchasing etc on your behalf.

I will then place the orders to get all of the required parts, and will start the build once those are received.

Owners are always welcome to drop in to see me if you are in this area to see how it is going, but as with my current scale projects, I fully document all of the builds I do on this web site, so you can always see how it is going by simply visiting this site and checking out your own particular project.  (Take a look at the Vario MD900 project documentation for an idea of what this involves)

Once the aircraft is completed, I will of course set it up correctly, and if you want me to do so, I will happily test fly the aircraft for you, and I will also spend some time with you when you come to collect the helicopter to go through it in detail, and to advise  you on setup, hovering/flying the new aircraft if you feel you need this. If the weather is suitable, I like to take clients out to a local flying field and show you the aircraft in the air.

As you may already know, I only make small charges for repairs of smaller helicopters such as the Belt CP's, Blade 400's, Trex 450 and CopterX 450's, as these only take a very few hours at most.

That is (of course) not the case for large scale builds, but I do not have any fixed charge for the actual labour, instead it is decided by discussion between us for what we both agree is reasonable for my time and expertise.  Scale builds are notoriously difficult to estimate realistically in terms of the time needed, as there are so many variables.

Before you even think about doing so, don't try to quantify this cost by the hour, as it will scare you to death.  I am not looking for payment by the hour for the time I spend as such, simply a fee that we both agree is appropriate for my doing the build for you.  

To give you some sort of indication of the costs, check out under My Projects the Jet Ranger B206 rebuild, which included a full strip down, including stripping the mechanics down fully to check and replace whatever was needed and rebuilding them, but also stripping all the old paint off, repairing the damaged areas and preparing it all for repainting, and then repainting it fully, including pinstripe lining. The total cost for this including parts costs of around 250 was under 1000.

If you are interested in this service, or want any more details, or just want to discuss a possible project, please feel free to contact me by email or use the contact options on this site.  For really urgent matters (only), you can try to get me on my cell phone - 07990 578148.  If I do not pick up please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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