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February 2011 - Dave Swindells - Forum handle -  - 

Hi Ian

Many thanks to you and your wife (she makes very nice bacon barms) for a very informative setup day. I feel a lot more confident about how to setup and control my INT400 now. Just waiting for the wind to drop and away I go. I will no doubt be back with my next Heli for more advice and brain picking.


Thanks again mate
Dave (Warrington)

November 2010 - Nigel Machin - Forum handle -  - 

Just a note to say many thanks for firstly making the RC Heli Hobby so rewarding. I purchased an RTF Int 400 from a reputable web site, it duly arrived without any proper instruction other than manufacturers manuals, inevitably, within 3 minutes I had crashed and smashed  a good proportion of my shiny new chopper!! After spending a day with you and learning how to cope with small repairs myself and taking the controls of my newly repaired and somewhat better set up helicopter, i have found new enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing some of your wisdom.

The "Hover EZE" training aid made such a difference, it gave me the opportunity to actually fly the heli and understand how much control to use without having to constantly worry about crashing and over correcting, which was the cause of my crash in the first place. Once again, thanks for the repair, set up and a great day. 


October 2010 - Toby  - Forum handle -  - 

Hi Ian,
Just a quick note to say I got home safely and thank you for everything this weekend! It was exactly what I was after. It was lovely to meet you both and if I am ever in your neck of the woods I will definitely arrange to come and see you...
I forgot to take a picture of your hanger.... perhaps you could send one to me so I can show Debbie etc where I spent the weekend!!

I honestly don't know what I would have done if I hadn't come to see you... a strong possibility I would have given up on helicopters altogether! It was great to meet someone who is so passionate, experienced and knowledgeable. I suspect you are one of a kind!
I'll keep you up to date with my progress and if you're ever heading to London look me up.
Speak to you soon.


May 2010 - Lee Roe - Forum handle -  - 

May I take this opportunity to reinforce the comments made during our visit to you on Sunday last. 

Our day was made very special by the fantastic hospitality afforded us by you and your lovely wife Olwen. A warm welcome and relaxed atmosphere was such a treat. Even Morgan, who is only 11, said on many occasions on the way home what lovely people you were, firmly backed up by me too.

The helicopter set up and fly course I took part in was a saviour. As a new heli pilot I was astounded at the various things that are not easily researched on the net and other media, and I now know it takes more than a good read and a few websites to get airborne in the heli world. To be shown the ropes by someone who is professional, capable and confident on imparting the information to others made the whole day worthwhile. I feel I learnt more than I ever could have by reading and looking at web pages. 

Once the intro to the mechanics and the setup of heli were over I really felt as though I had learned some very important information and a great foundation on which to build my future experiences on.

When flying in the afternoon, I know the conditions were awful, but just to have you giving me the encouragement Ian was wonderful for my confidence in flying on my own when I get back.

Once again a fabulous day, much learnt and all enjoyed. 

I cant thank you and Olwen enough.

May 2010 - Tony Gaskell - Forum handle - RammyLad - 

I spent Tuesday on a 1on1 Seminar with Chopperaddict, Ian spent a great deal of time on checking and setting up my Interceptor 400 with Alien Command.

I thought that I had set up my Heli reasonably well until I watched what Ian was doing, he set then test flew then readjusted settings test flew until he was satisfied with the setup. 

Ian then handed me the Tx and said "try it" - so I took off and hovered with control for the first time.

I was amazed and delighted with the stability even with a breeze, now I can start to learn how to fly.
Ian then went on to set up my Blade 400 which I hovered well today.

I learned more yesterday about setting up than I have been able to understand in many setup manuals, and proof that the better the Heli is set up the more stability and easier it is to fly.

My thanks to Ian (Chopperaddict) and his wife for their hospitality yesterday, I would recommend spending a day with Ian on one of his 1on1 Seminars especially for beginners, well worth it.

April 2010 - Graham - Forum handle -  - 

Well what a lovely day, I am completely brain dead !!!!!!

You were right, just over 1 hour home if you take into account the 10 minute queue.

May I thank both Olwen and yourself for the first class time I had with you today. It was most memorable and informative; all I need now is the courage to get out and fly.

Thanks again


April 2010 - Steve Colman - Forum handle -  - 

Just a quick note to say to Ian, a great day and I have learnt loads of useful tips about my helicopter.  Just a case of remembering it all now.

I would recommend a day with Ian to anyone, well worth doing.

Thank you.
Steve Coleman

March 2010 -  - Forum handle -  - shady

I've just spent a day with Ian [chopperaddict] on a 1 on 1 seminar. I had the most fantastic day. I thought I had set my belt up correctly but Ian showed me a few newbie mistakes I had made. He then took me through the mechanical set up and I'm sure I can get it right on my own now. He also "softened" it down for me, even though it was windy within 5 minutes I had more control than I've had in a month of learning on my own.

He also taught me that idle up can be your friend when using it correctly its not as scary as people make out.

Ian, I've done 2 lipos in idle up and its going like a dream even in breezy conditions.

As I live in Gloucestershire it took over 3 hours to get to Ian's but it was worth every mile and in the long term has saved me months in time, heart ache and cash.

Ian's knowledge of RC helis is second to none and he is very happy to pass it on in a way us newbies can understand and put into practice. Also Ian's wife looks after you with plenty of coffee and a nice lunch.

February 2010 - Steve Smith - Forum handle -  - blueyooo

I am newcomer to this hobby and thanks to Ian (chopperaddict), I am totally hooked big time. I have just spent a day with him on his 1 to 1 heli setup and training day with my Esky belt cp v2, spent a few hours with him setting up my heli and after a quick trial (ha ha) I crashed it OMG felt like crying my eyes out, but hey no problems with Ian, he soon took control of the situation, and had my heli fixed and back in the air in no time, he took me to his local fields and had me hovering my heli like a pro (wishful thinking) but I did do OK in the end.

I would recommend all newbies to this hobby to get in touch with Ian at www.chopperaddict.co.uk and spend a day with him on a 1 to 1, absolutely essential in my eyes and I'm sure u will benefit so much more with his experience and information that he shared with me on this day.

I just want to say a big big thanks to Ian (chopperaddict) for such an exciting day, sharing his experience and knowledge of such an enjoyable hobby.

Have a look yourself at his website www.chopperaddict.co.uk u wont be disappointed.

February 2010 -Stuart - Forum handle -  - Wobbly_Hover

+1 from me too.

I attended one of Ian's 1 to 1 set up days and found he day most beneficial. This guy knows his stuff and can convey his knowledge in a way that is understandable......more importantly he makes sense !!!!

If your knew to the hobby and want to progress then I urge you to contact Ian and make an appointment.
Trex 450 S CF
Trex 450 SE V2, Futaba GY401

Thanks to Ian A.K.A Chopperaddict I now have a fully functioning flyable Heli.

February 2010 - Don Williams - Forum handle - Qube444 - Trex 450

I've just spent the day with Ian on one of his 1-on-1 seminar days.

What can I say? From the minute I arrived I was impressed with Ian's knowledge and enthusiasm for passing that knowledge on to people like me, new to the hobby and no mentor close by to hold my hand. I and his wife, Olwen, gave me a very warm welcome and a coffee, which after my two and a half hour drive was very welcome.

Ian got down to business straight away by giving my bird the once over visual check followed by winding her up and checking responses to inputs.

Something was not right, and that's the reason I contacted Ian in the first place. I wanted to be sure one way or the other as to whether it was me or the helicopter that was stopping me from enjoying this new hobby.

Ian found a few things which needed rectifying and he set about them giving me a running commentary on exactly what he was doing and why. I found this to be extremely helpful. By the end of the day my head was spinning with new information for me to digest and assimilate.

We had a couple of test flights to try things out and for the first time I, yes ME, had the helicopter off the ground and under my control. For once it was doing what I wanted it to do and not the other way round. What a rush.

If I wasn't hooked before, I am now!

Ian freely answered all my questions now matter how stupid I thought they sounded, and he full and concise information. I wish I could have videoed the whole day as reference material.

All in all, I cannot recommend these 1-on-1's strongly enough. I defy anyone not to gain a tremendous amount of information and confidence out of the day. Oh and by the way Olwen make a mean bacon sarnie.

Ian you are my hero. (at least for today)

Don Williams
16 February 2010

January 2010 - Bart  - Forum handle -  - bartlomiej.eu

Yeah I spend some time with Ian the other day and although I live in Manchester it was worth the journey. Its a good confidence boost, I would recommend it to all Newbies. Thanks Ian:)

November 2009 - Dan - Forum handle - Danniehough - Belt CP

Hello all,

This is just to 1, say thanks to chopperaddict (Ian) and 2, let anyone (newbies) who is having trouble know that help is out there if you know where to look.

Couple of weeks ago after a little run in with a field I was having a little trouble with the feathering shaft replacement on my belt, so much so that I almost sent it off and paid for repairs but that would have been a mistake as I still wouldn't have known where I was going wrong.

After much trawling through the forums on this and many other sites I stumbled upon chopperaddicts' website and soon got in touch. The result was a quick trip to Blackpool and a day of learning pretty much all you need to know about set up repair and even a few hints on flying, not that I can remember it all but it's in there somewhere and if I'm truly stuck I know I can ask someone who is genuinely out to help and has a lot to offer to those like me who want to learn.

For anyone who is having strife with their little beast I highly recommend getting in touch and if possible make the trip, you wont be disappointed.

Once again Ian thanks she flying perfectly now and I even got the Align 325's as you suggested. I'm pretty sure I will be in touch before long as the DX6I is on route and I predict a little head scratching.

Dan. Very Happy

If you are planning to come up to Blackpool and stay overnight to have 1 or more days with ChopperAddict, we can suggest some good local B&B establishments that are close to me.


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