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March 2010 - Marius Hamman - South Africa

Thank you so much Ian, you really gave me the courage and guidance to try thing I would've never otherwise attempted on my own. Thanks so much for your patience it was a brilliant experience and I hope to impress you some time in the future.

November 2009 - Rennie - Forum Handle - ?

My task was to help him with Figure 8's flying a Raptor 50, as he was consistently flying sideways on all of his right turns.

Hi Ian,

Just a thank you for your help yesterday your advice has helped me out.


October 2009 - Mark Barker - Forum Handle - ??

I've just bought my first heli - Belt CP v2 and it's still in the box! I wanted to learn to fly first using a Phoenix simulator. 

Thankfully, I had a 1-on-1 training session with Ian. Firstly, he gave me the settings to set up a heli on Phoenix, making it easier for me to hover. He was very patient with my lack of ability. I believe that with the help Ian's given me, not only will I be able to fly the simulator but before long, I will be able to fly the real thing! 

Thank you Ian, very much!

August 2009 - Marco - Forum Handle - Eris19xx

This has been my first training even if virtual. I must say that I greatly appreciate your help and I was very happy about your availability. I have to apologize, but I will bother you again because I have plenty of questions, and by the way I really like your friendship.

Many, Many Thanks from Belgium

July 2009 - John Andrews - Luton, Beds

I wasn't too sure how this would work out when I first decided to give Ian's training sessions a go, but I was really struggling to hover my Belt CP V2, so I thought I would try it out anyway.

Ian first of all showed had me watch him hovering the quite large and stable BO105, and watch the transmitter as he was hovering.  I noticed straight away that the cyclic stick was hardly ever still, moving only a little bit, but in all directions.

I then got to try to replicate his hover while he watched me, and I was quite amazed that I got it off the ground a lot better than I have been doing.  The thing that really got me going was when he mentioned that all inputs are typically a very short correction followed immediately by needing to centralise the stick again, or even counter the last input the opposite way to stop it over correcting.

We spent about 45 minutes together, and at the end of it, I could hold that BO105 pretty well stable in ground effect. I also had the chance to try it a little higher, so it was out of GE, and the difference was quite amazing.

I would certainly recommend Ian's training to anyone that is struggling as I was, and after lots more practice in Phoenix, I hope to be able to hover my Belt safely and confidently in the not too distant future.

He has told me which settings I need to change as I improve, so as to make the helicopter more realistic, and then I will be ready to try it for real.

He is also quite willing to answer any other questions that you may have as well.

Thanks a lot Ian, a great help for sure.