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April 2010 - From graham ellison forum Handle(s) 

TIP Page: Setting up the gyro

Rating 5 / 5

Great site helped me a great deal being a newbie, keep up the good work and thanks a lot,

regards Graham.

March 2010 - From Ian Clarke, forum Handle(s) grasmere 

TIP Page: A CNC (bling) parts warning !

Rating 5 / 5

Excellent tip and very well said

February 2010 - From Harold, forum Handle(s) 

TIP Page: Track the main blades

Rating 5 / 5

very insightful

February 2010 - From Peter Grenner, forum Handle(s) 

TIP Page: Reset the throttle trimmer correctly on Esky 0406 Transmitters

Rating 5 / 5

Great Comment...

January 2010 - From Barry Williams, forum Handle(s) barryorbik

TIP Page: Things to watch out for with LIPO batteries

Rating 5 / 5

Nice and simple instruction with the emphasis on safety.

November, 2009 - From : Roland, forum(s) Handle : navacal

TIP Page: How to best use the Phoenix Simulator while learning to hover

Rating 5/5

Simple and clear instructions. Made me feel like a proper Heli Pilot, still crashed a lot but am starting to make progress.

November, 2009 - From Barry Williams. forum(s) Handle : barryorbik

TIP Page: How to make your helicopter 'softer' with a DX6i or similar radio

Rating 5/5

Good simple guidance to what can be quite a confusing subject

November, 2009 - From barry, forum(s) Handle : bazzer

TIP Page: Correctly set the Brake to OFF on the ESKY stock ESC (V1 or V2)

Rating 5/5

At last a decent explanation on stock esc. Big thanks. 

Will definitely visit [the web site] again, PS could you tell me what is a good esc if this one packs up sorry for asking but I'm still learning. 

November, 2009 - From Donnie Weaver, forum(s) Handle : donnie weaver

TIP Page: How to feed the tail drive belt down the boom easily and quickly

Rating 5/5

Hey ChopperAddict,

I took an old tail servo connecting arm, (the rod between the servo and the tail assembly, and cut one end in the shape of a C. I taped it on the other end to an old main shaft to make it long enough to go completely through the boom. I just hook the end of the belt on the C shaped end and slide it through the boom. When it protrudes out the other end, I just pull the rod back out again. Works a treat. Just thought I'd pass that on. I hated feeding the belt through the boom till I rigged this thing up. Takes about 5 seconds now.

November, 2009 - From Gary Bennison, forum(s) Handle : ?

TIP Page: HOW TO - Reset the throttle trimmer correctly on Esky 0406 Transmitters

Rating 5/5

My throttle trim did not bring the motor on at all so was a lot out. Now works great. 


October, 2009 - From : Richard Smith, forum(s) Handle : kingdick5

TIP Page: A CNC (bling) parts warning !

Rating 5 / 5

Something similar happened to me years ago from the greater height, I was not as lucky as yourself.
This is a great tip every one should ADHERE to.

Keep up the good work, Things are looking up,


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