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Phoenix 2.5M flight simulator

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I think all experienced helicopter pilots know or remember just how hard it was when we first tried to get a helicopter off the ground successfully, or fly our first circuit, or perform the first loop.

So this is another totally free service I am offering aimed directly at helping new pilots who are struggling to learn to fly a collective pitch radio controlled helicopter, or even to those who want to move on from hovering, or get into basic aerobatics, but need some help to do so.

We are going to do this completely remotely by using the Phoenix flight simulator, so no travel or cost is involved, and you don't even have to use up your LIPOS or nitro fuel.

To participate, all you need is to have a copy of the Phoenix flight simulator installed and setup on your computer, and it will need to be the latest 2.5m or higher release. This is available for download directly from the Phoenix web site. (Opens in a new window for your convenience)

The Phoenix simulator is commonly acknowledged to be one of the best RC helicopter (chopper) and fixed wing (plank) flight simulators available today, and is ideal for anything from learning the very basics to full 3D and you can even fly dogfights with your friends using the internet multiplayer feature that allows many pilots to fly at one and the same time, so you can watch each other and even interact with other aircraft/pilots.

You also need to have Skype installed and have a login name and a working headset to leave your hands free while we chat.  (Skype is totally free if you do not have it already) This allows the best quality voice communication so that I can be be a virtual instructor for you, apparently standing alongside you and talking you through the lesson on a 1 on 1 basis.  This actually beats doing the same thing at the flying field, as you can happily crash the helicopters in the simulator without worrying about the damage you may have caused, or the cost of repairing it.

The way it works is that I will start up a special multiplayer session that you can join if you have the right password.  We will arrange a date and time between us that is mutually acceptable, and then we will go through the normal instructor/pupil  process to help to teach you to do whatever it is you are trying to learn. Most sessions last between 45 minutes and an hour, which is usually more than enough time as most of us find that flying a helicopter for that length of time is very hard on the nerves, even when only flying in a simulator.

To make this as generic as possible, I usually specify the particular model to be used by us both, and I will also let  you have all the settings to be used. You need to go into the EDIT mode of that selection and make the changes I suggest so that both helicopters fly identically for each of us.  I do this because if you are just learning to hover, I like to "dumb down" the controls quite a bit for newbie pilots, as this means you cannot shoot off all over the place if you are a little ham fisted with the transmitter.

In addition to offering basic training, I am also happy to run sessions on FFF and aerobatics, but I have to admit that I do not really do very much 3D flight.

CLICK HERE To look at the standard setup notes you will need to read and implement before joining a 1 on 1 training session

So, there it is, and If you are interested in taking advantage of this scheme, please drop me an email me at  or

in the first instance, telling me what stage you are at right now, and what it is that you need help with.

I really look forward to perhaps being able to help you progress in your helicopter flying career...

Once you have had a session with me, I would greatly appreciate you taking a little bit of time adding your own personal comments about that session by returning here and using the options below to add them to this site. This helps other pilots decide if they feel my help is worthwhile.

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