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Read all about my Alien Command fitting and retrofit service at the bottom of this page...




Alien Command is simply a rather clever piece of electronics that can sense the ground and the horizon, even in mid winter with snow on the ground, and it then keeps a track of the attitude of your helicopter in relation to those datum points at all times. As soon as you let go of the right (cyclic) stick when your helicopter is flying, the Alien Command system will spring into action on your behalf and return the helicopter to a stable hover all by itself. The only point to remember is that it needs enough height to do so if you are in a very strange position. (See picture on left for example of failure)

What this means is that when you are learning to hover or indeed learning to fly circuits or even aerobatics, you have the reassurance that by simply letting go of the cyclic stick, your helicopter will automatically recover to a safe hover so that you can then land it safely, and more importantly, in one piece. Alien Command also allows you to land and fly in far windier conditions than is normally possible otherwise.

So both take off's and landings are far easier with Alien Command fitted, plus whenever you get disorientated, or loose control, you just let go the cyclic stick and Alien Command does the rest, recovering your expensive helicopter to a stable hover for you all by itself

So the real benefits of Alien Command are :-
1 - You can learn to fly your helicopter more easily than you would otherwise
2 - You are far less likely to crash it, which saves you money and aggravation.

There are two versions of Alien Command, the Standard and Advanced. This is necessary due to the different types of swash plates and mixing systems used by different helicopters.  

Basically, the cheaper standard Alien Command works great with the standard 90 degree swash plates used by almost all helicopters that are designed with mechanical mixing systems.

The Alien Command Advanced system has been introduced to handle the more common 120 degree swash plate designs used with electronic mixing systems (CCPM), as these are a little more complex to control for any auto pilot system.

The typical store cost of the Alien Command systems alone are : 
Standard - 70.00, 
Advanced - 127.50

I certainly do recommend that all new pilots should have Alien Command fitted to their helicopters when they first start to learn to fly them.  It can provide you with peace of mind and security, and will certainly save you money in the longer term due to less crashes and the consequent repair bills.

RETRO FITTING Alien Command to your helicopter

I am also happy to offer retro fit Alien Command to your helicopter.  I will supply the relevant system to match your particular helicopter's configuration, and then set it all up for you. If you wish, I will also perform a full mechanical setup on your helicopter before fitting the Alien Command.

In either case, the Alien Command system will be fully configured for your helicopter, and it will then be test flown by myself to ensure that the helicopter flies correctly with and without the Alien Command system in operation.

NB - Both versions of Alien Command can be used with digital or analog servos, despite other publications stating that they cannot handle digital servos

For more information, or to book your heli in with me to have your helicopter equipped with Alien Command and properly setup, please email me or you can call me on my cell phone 07990 578148


Naturally, there are other makes of auto pilots available, the best known of which is probably HeliCommand, which is an equally great system, but quite a bit more expensive, and less easy to fit to a Pod and Boom style Helicopter due to the size and shape of the sensor.

However, HeliCommand does add a new function to the auto pilot mix, that of also maintaining position if possible. It does this by sensing the ground below, and tries it best to maintain station over that same point if you let the cyclic stick go. HOWEVER, this feature is now being removed from the newer Helicommand systems such as the 3SX.

The other clever trick the top of the range Helicommand RIGID offer is what is called blade phasing, which means it electronically varies the point where multi blade heads (more than 2 rotor blades) start to change pitch to handle roll and pitch. This is only required if using flybarless and multi blade heads, typically on scale machines.  Again this functionality is not needed for normal helicopters, so my recommendation is to go with the less expensive Alien Command.  PLEASE NOTE - If you have a flybarless helicopter, you CANNOT also fit an auto pilot such as AC or others.  For more information on flybarless helicopters, CLICK HERE


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