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   Our cross breed 'teacup' terrier/collie puppy 
named Bonny who is a constant contributor 
by 'helping' me in the hanger 

This page is just a very small public token to thank all of the people who have helped me, chopperaddict, and this web site with donations of money, heli parts, nuts and bolts, suggestions, and everything in between to help me to help others when rebuilding or repairing their helicopters for them..

I am so grateful to all of these people, who have in the past, and in many cases continue to help me to help many other members of the helicopter fraternity with their selfless generosity in many ways.

I also thank my wife, Olwen and our puppy Bonny (shown above) for their ongoing support, encouragement & help.  NB - Bonny is probably more of a nuisance than a help quite often, but she sure does try.  :-)

So if you are not on the list below - WHY NOT ?  Please spend a few moments looking through your own odds and sods drawers and old heli boxes to see what you no longer need or want. All donated parts are used in the repair of other peoples helicopters if I already have a needed part that is in good condition, saving them cost and delay.

Equally, if you have any tools such as hex drivers, Allen Keys, small screwdrivers of any type etc I will give them a really good home and they will be used all the time.

So, if you have some stuff you feel you are able to donate to this cause, no matter 
how small or large, please message me directly from HERE or email me at
or you can PM me on the forum

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL, Past, Present & Future


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Name/Forum handle Contribution
ALL 1on1 session visitors I have to give my thanks to many of my "Master Class attendees" who have donated more than the standard session charge - Thank you all, your generosity is very much appreciated.
Lee Roe Lee has helped so much by providing me with a high speed host for my tutorials etc. Very Many Thanks Lee for both the hosting & all the help to get the mail system up and running again...
MZOOMER777 Many heli parts to help out with my repair/rebuild service. Thanks Ian...
CYPRUSDAVE  (Dave) Many heli parts to help out with my repair/rebuild service. Thanks Dave...
PAINLESS360 (Lee) Loan of a Castle Link, and help testing Phoenix out to prove the validity of using it for my free 1on1 training sessions. 
Thanks Lee...
DUSTY1000 For valuable feedback on some of my tutorials. 
Thanks Dusty...
RINGDING  (Robbie) Grateful thanks for the design and production of the fabulous ChopperAddict Logo - Thanks Robbie...
HOLLYHELI (John Wilson) Many thanks to John for a large consignment of Belt CP, and Honey Bee + HBK2 parts, and even some Walkera 5#6 parts together with a pair of perfect Walkera 5#6 helis
CYPRUSDAVE (Dave) Thanks go to Dave again, for allowing me to add his useful tip on using the Throttle hold settings to reset pitch range when using a DX6i - Great Tip
Marc Roots Many Thanks go to Marc, who sent his heli to the heli hospital for repairs, and included with it a very generous cash donation to help the ChopperAddict heli-hospital in the future.
SCOUSE Thanks go to SCOUSE for the use of various pictures of the insides of the Esky Tx that are now in the Tips & Tricks section
SATSUMA Many thanks go to Ian for all his help during the build of the McDonnell-Douglas 900 NOTAR helicopter from Vario.  His advice has been invaluable to me.
CRACKERJ Various parts, mostly new - thank John
DANHOUGHIE (Dan) Various Belt CP parts, mostly new - thanks Dan
CRASH TEST PILOT A huge box of various Belt CP parts - Many thanks CTP
RAMMYLAD Tony spent a day with me on a setup master class, but brought with him endless spares of different types, servos, blades and even a complete Esky 2.4GHzTx + Rx - all donated to the heli hospital - Cheers Tony, Very Much Appreciated.
ANTI_A (Heliguy) A very large pack of standard Belt CP size servo horns to let me soften down Belt CP & other helis for learner plots - Thanks Anti_A
DANHOUGHIE Yet more sundry Belt CP parts from his now deceased first helicopter - thanks a lot Dan
HOLLYHELI (John Wilson) Yet more servo horns as above - ALL are welcome - Thanks John
HOLLYHELI (John Wilson) John has gone way above and beyond and has produced an entire new section for the web site that deals with all aspects of setting up helicopters for rank beginners. It has animated GIF's, cross reference links and all sorts of goodies. Thanks so much John - it is a fabulous addition to the Chopperaddict site.
CYPRUSDAVE (Dave) Yet again Dave has sent me some more Hard disk hubs for me to distribute via the forums. 1 in an envelope to me gets you one.
barun mukhopadhyay As a result of using my hovering tutorial, Barun learned to hover, and made a generous donation to the web to say thank you - THANK YOU so much Barun...
William Croft  (AUS) William sent a generous donation to me "out of the blue" to help with the costs of the web site hosting and maintenance. - Cheers William, Much Appreciated.
william croft (


After Tony spent a day with me on a setup master class, He has decided that he no longer wants his Esky Honey Bee King 3, as his Interceptor 400 and Belt CP are keeping him more than happy now, so he has very kindly donated the HBK3 to my training squadron. - Cheers Tony, Very Much Appreciated.
QUBE444 Don let me have his old Alien Command, which has now taught him to hover, for us on my hover raining helicopters. - Cheers Don, it's use will be much appreciated by many newbie pilots I am sure..
VARIOUS PEOPLE I have been astounded by the generosity of many you that have taken part in my 1on1 Sessions up/down here in Blackpool, in that you have made donations to the web site over and above the costs of your day with me. THANKS SO MUCH, it really is APPRECIATED.


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