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CLICK HERE to find out what a typical hover training day will include...


I have now had quite a few students come through my 1on1 flight training days, and overall these have been pretty successful, but I have become aware that new pilots are very loathe to use their own nice and shiny new helicopters because of the obvious risk of crashing them.


So I have decided to overcome that problem by building some pretty special training helicopters solely for use by "pupils" on my 1on1 Flight training days.

Right now I have THREE HELICOPTERS for you to use to learn to hover with :-

1 - "Red Bird" is an Interceptor 400 with Alien Command stabilisation fitted 
2 - "Blue Bird" is an Interceptor 400 with Alien Command stabilisation fitted, but it only uses  the Belt CP 3800KV motor, making it very mild to fly.
3 - "Doolly" is a Belt CP with "buddy box" Esky Tx dual controls so I can take over when you get it all wrong. However, "Doolly" is setup up to be nice and gentle, and she is a really nice helicopter to fly, in particular because she has the Esky CNC head fitted, and the well known RDTS (Reverse Direct to swash) modification has been done to her to remove all looseness in the swash plate linkage control system.

Naturally, you can still use your own helicopter if you want to, or try it out later on in the days flying training.

"Red Bird" - One of my growing fleet of specially built and setup 
Interceptor 400 training helicopters.

My main training helicopters as seen above are actually Interceptor 400's and Belt CP's, which are very strong and more importantly, very well behaved helicopters when setup correctly for those still learning, or trying to learn, to hover.  I have set these up specifically for teaching others to hover with the least possible risk of having a crash, or doing very much damage to them, but of course, they CAN STILL BE CRASHED, but you will have to work at it....  HOWEVER - THAT IS NOT A CHALLENGE TO YOU, I expect you to follow my instructions as carefully as you can, and if you do, YOU WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY LEARN TO HOVER before you leave me at the end of the day.

The Interceptor 400 is very similar in size and performance to the Esky BELT CP, Eflite Blade 400, Thunder Tiger Mini Titan and other similar helicopters, so you will feel right at home with them.

These helis have longer and stronger secondary main skids to help you not to tip them on their heads or tails, plus outriggers on the sides to help avoid having the heli tip sideways.

BEST OF ALL, my training Interceptor 400 Helicopters are fitted with the Alien Command, a well proved and trusted stabilisation system that can help you tremendously in those very stages of hovering, as it will take over and return to the helicopter to a nice level hover if and when you simply let go of the right (cyclic) stick.  This means you can recover easily when you start to loose control, or you will even have enough time to pass the Radio to me in panic so that I can (try to) recover the helicopter.

You can see easily from the pictures above of "Red Bird" the far longer (and stronger) skids that are fitted.  "Blue Bird" also has similar skids fitted.

"Dooly" does not benefit form longer skids, but she does have training gear fitted, but this can be removed very quickly if you feel that want to try flying without training legs on the helicopter.

In addition to having Alien Command fitted (which can of course be disabled as well when relevant) these Helicopters have the well proven Acer Labs G1000 HH gyro.  The vertical tail skids are strengthened with carbon fibre bars to avoid breakages or tail strikes due to heavy tail down landings.

The final plus is that my training helicopters can carry both the great RapidCharge 2200MAh, 25C, and the 35C lipos, or the standard Esky 1800Mah lipos. The RapidCharge lipos allow us to get about about 6-8 minutes hovering from each Lipo, which is quite long enough for each hovering session when you are struggling to keep the helicopter level.

"Doolly" is used if you are unhappy with being in sole control of a helicopter at first, but also as a "finishing school" helicopter, as it does NOT have any stabilisation control system fitted.  If you can fly "Doolly" successfully at the end of a day with me, then you should be able to fly your own helicopter perfectly well.

Between Lipos, we will relax and discuss how you are doing, what you are doing wrong, or indeed right, and how to handle the next lipo session.  You can expect to get through between 6 and 8 lipos maximum in the day, which I guarantee you will find will sap your concentration totally, but at the end of the day, you should be able to hover the helicopter of your choice under your control for continuous periods of at least 60 to 90 seconds.

Please note that weather can play havoc with helicopter flying, and right now I do not have a FULL indoor venue, but I do have various flying outdoor locations to use that will usually allow us to find a reasonable flying area whilst avoiding the worst of any higher winds etc.  My hangar does provide enough room for you to fly both an MRC (Quad) and a 400-450 size helicopter inside if using my Hover-EZE rig.

Of course the day includes Tea/Coffee throughout the day as needed, plus a pretty good sandwich lunch, and usually runs from 10:15 am thru till 4pm.  Believe me when I tell you that long before 4pm you will be really glad to stop and relax, although we do of course have some relaxation periods during the day as well.


So why not choose how you would prefer to learn to hover, and contact me to book your day to learnt to hover a helicopter - Yours or MINE.  just Email Me for further details or to book your training day


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