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December 2009 - DayWalker = Belt CP

Just had my belt cp heli rebuilt and setup by chopperaddict. What a nice guy and what a brilliant job he has done on my heli. If your not sure what you are doing then you should get in touch with him and I'm sure he'll sort you out. Just do a search for his site (chopperaddict.co.uk).

November 2009 - Anton Shefov - Belt CP V2

I just wanted to say thank you, right now, thanks to you my heli is flying better than it originally did.  So, yea, I just wanted to thank you for top notch service. 

Also I wanted to give you one more thanks for balancing the blades.

October 2009 - Trillian - GL450

Thanks to Ian (chopperaddict) for help with my GL450 setup and repair.

The GL got off to a disappointing start as the first time I flew it a faulty elevator servo resulted in a crash and I was already fed up with 450 electric helis anyway from a previous bad experience with a Trex 450S.

So he offered to repair it and set it up while I spent my heli time happily flying nitros.

After some time (owing mostly to procrastination by me and then me being out of the country for a few weeks) the heli was done and I just recently got round to trying it out. I have had to fiddle with the gyro setup a bit due to the differences between my DX7 and the settings in his Dx6i but it is now able to hover steadily in the confined space of my back garden. So I am very encouraged by that.

The gyro settings have also forced me to play with the TX more in that area because previously I tended to put a GY401 on there, set the travel adjust and then not tweak any further.

So all good so far

September 2009 - Frank Stavrou - Belt CP

Just want to let people know what a great service Ian provides. I live in North London and drove 4 hours north to Blackpool to seek assistance from Ian. I left some 6 hours later the trip was worth every minute, excellent knowledge, friendly service, and just a great teacher. Would highly recommend either the one-on-one service that Ian offers or the Phoenix tutorials, both are super.

August 2009 - John Wilson - Trex 450 Electric

I needed my helicopter sorting out big time, and found ChopperAddicts web site by chance.  I noticed that he was also very active on various helicopter forums.  I contacted him and decided to send my Tex 450 up to him for a free setup.

What a great job Ian did.  The Trex no flies like I always knew it should have flown, but it has never flown as well as this in the year or so that I have had it.

I Would highly recommend the totally free service, it genuinely was super and well worth the costs of shipping the helicopter up to him and back.

July 2009 - Andrew Murphy - Belt CP

I crashed my Belt CP big time, mostly because it simply wasn't set up right anyway. I knew that if I did it again it still would not be right, so I searched the web & luckily found ChopperAddicts web site.  I read what he offered in his Heli-Hospital, and was really surprised that anyone today would even offer to do all that work for free.

However, I decided to give him a try to see what would happen.

The first pleasant surprise was receiving a fully costed listing of what he had found wrong with my Belt CP, and that was within 2 days.  I told him to go ahead and order the parts, and a week later he told me it was already for mailing back to me. The costs were exactly what he told me they would be for the parts used on my heli, plus of course the cost of shipping it back to me.  He asked for payment by Bank Transfer, which is free, before he sent it back to me.  

I received my heli back 3 days later all safe and well, and now it really does fly well, handling is so smooth compared to how it had been, I almost couldn't really believe it was the same heli.  He also included a set of notes on what setup things he had found wrong with my heli, to give me an idea for the next time I had to do it.

Thanks Ian for a great and courteous service, you did a great job on my heli, I really hope a great many more people get to know of and use your service, and the great information you have available on your web site.


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