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February 2011 - From : Rupert Garton - Forum Handle : 


Thank you so much.  If only customer service could be this easy, personal and downright blumming fantastic everywhere....

You are a star act.
With my exceptionally poor flying skills, this will not be the last you hear from me.

Have a great weekend.
Rupert Garton

April 2010 - From : barun mukhopadhyay- Forum Handle : 

Dear Ian

It is your teaching that finally taught me how to hover CCPM heli . Now I am able to hover my ESKY -HB KING3 , for 3 minutes at a stretch and then again for 3-4 minutes - like that . I am grateful to you .

Best regards

March 2010 - From : Adam- Forum Handle : Adape2003

Hi Ian,

I wanted to thank you in person for your brilliant Belt CP set up guide that has allowed me to face and tame my nemesis! I bought a Belt 2 years ago with no real understanding of what the hell I was doing and soon sold it before I destroyed it! Basically it frightened the c*** out of me! Anyway I got drawn back in to RC heli's and got a HBFP V2 a few months ago which, to my delight, I managed to hover and control, after some practice, quite well. I saw an advert for a 35MHz Belt on the 'net, for 125 delivered, and decided that now I had the confidence to fly the bloody thing! So I got one, set it up as per your guide and just hovered a full pack in the back garden in two flights. 

Suffice it to say I am very pleased! I am an engineer working in aerospace (landing gear) but without your guide I would never have properly understood the mechanics of the belt, it was Darn good fun going through the steps, I loved it (wife and daughter perhaps not quite so enthused)!

If you don't mind I have one question? When performing pitch angle checks at the two extremes of throttle I am getting about +7 degrees and -10. Is this worth worrying about? If its significant what is the best way to resolve it?

Thanks again, I am still grinning now!
Best Regards,


March 2010 - From : John E Wilson - Forum Handle : HollyHeli

Hopefully Ian and I will continue to brighten up the scene - like you, I was amazed at Ian's generosity and energy.


March 2010 - From : Stuart - Forum Handle : Wobbly Hover

Great to see the input you have had on Ian's chopperaddict site, great detail and pictorials.
For your info I met up with Ian who was patient enough to set up my heli during one of his 1 to 1 days. The guy is a saint and a true enthusiast. I live in the Worsley area of Manchester so not too far away from you.
Good to have you on board and keep up the good work with Ian, without your advise the world of heli's is a gloomy place.

March 2010 - From : MAtt - Forum Handle : DryFly

P.S. chopperaddict if you read this thanks so much for the good work you do. Even though I've been at this whole "toy aircraft" thing since I was 10 years old I continue to learn and enjoy doing so because of goodhearted and wise folks such as yourself and the time you put into dispensing that wisdom.

February 2010 - From : Jason - Forum Handle :goldie.jason

I took a look at your website and the next thing I know was that the clock moved almost 2 hours ahead! I just wanted to tell you a big THANK YOU to what you opted to do... we don't find many people with such dedication towards the hobby these days... or maybe 'selfless' is the word, I don't know but the point is THANK YOU.



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