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Listed below are some of the many available stores that seem to have a good range of helis and more importantly, spare parts. 

I will be working on this page for some time, trying to clarify what helis each store major in, comments on delivery times and prices, etc etc.

If anyone can help out with details of the stores they use, it would be very much welcomed




HELIGUY Esky, Trex, Interceptor Reasonable delivery. Stock is sometimes a bit short. Stocks a reasonable range of std and upgrade parts for Esky, Trex, & their own Interceptor Trex 450 clone.  Offers an automatic 10% discount on all std spares for same type of heli if you purchase one  from them.
BUZZFLYER Esky, Eflite Blade 400, Beam, Gaui. Good delivery, have kits etc & reasonable range of parts.  Prices seem to be a little higher than some other sources.
FAST-LADS Align, Esky, Gaui, Raptor, Eflite V.Fast delivery. Good range of helis & spares. Prices usually very competetive.
MIDLAND HELI Most types Good delivery. wide range of stuff
SPORTSMOTO   Mainly Trex, + ESC's, motors etc Good delivery
BELTCP Esky Belt CP only Good delivery. Sadly stock levels are often poor. Stock hardened main shafts for Belt CP are great
AURORRA High end own brand Motors, Lipos, ESC's etc - good quality gear
 RCMODS            Align, E-Flite, E-Sky and Walkera Good service, competitive prices 
(Suggested by CyprusDave)
MODELFIXINGS Lots of hard-to-find small nuts, bolts & screws from M2 upwards. (Suggested by CyprusDave)
GIANTCOD Loong Max LiPos, chargers, servos, ESCs & lots of general small RC bits & pieces.  Quick service and excellent prices.
(Suggested by CyprusDave)
MODELSHOPLEEDS  All kinds of good stuff  Very quick service.
(Suggested by CyprusDave)
SKYLINEMODELS  Align, Thunder Tiger, E-Flite & other kits & parts.  Good selection but web site doesn't give stock levels, but it lets you order out-of-stock items
(Suggested by CyprusDave)
RC-BARGAINS Align, Esky etc Good delivery. wide range of stuff


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