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SAFETY - How (virtually) ALL R/C helicopters should be armed  

1 - Turn on the TX

2 - Ensure that the Throttle Hold switch (set to hold the throttle at ZERO) is switched ON

3 - Ensure that the throttle stick and its trimmer are fully down at ZERO throttle

4 - Ensure that all other trims are centered

5 - Ensure that the IDLE UP switch is turned OFF

6 - Ensure that if you have a computer radio, you have the CORRECT MODEL selected

7 - Ensure the TX has plenty of battery power remaining to cover your flight

8 - Ensure if you have a 35MHZ radio that the antennae is FULLY EXTENDED

9 - Connect the LIPO cell in the helicopter

10 - Keep the helicopter totally still until the initialization has been done completely, including the gyro, which can take some little while, especially on cold days

11 - Once everything has initialized, carefully check the cyclic stick movement to ensure the swash plate and pitch is all working in the correct direction

12 - Check that the rudder is moving in the correct direction 

13 - Check the flying area for any other people, especially if you fly on a public area such as a park.  If there are any people close to you, or any that you may fly over - DO NOT FLY until they have gone.

14 - Carry the helicopter out to the flying point, place it on the ground and walk away several paces.

15 - Turn the Throttle Hold switch OFF, and check that a small amount of throttle starts to spool up the main rotors

16 - GO FLY AND ENJOY YOUR FLIGHT - in safety....

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