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   HOW TO - Connect the radio and gyro on a Belt CP

This information applies in general to both the Belt CP V1 and V2

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so above is an image taken from the Esky Belt CP manual after having been cleaned up and all the Chinese text "removed" for more clarity.

The positions of the Radio Receiver (RX) and the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) on the helicopter frame are optional, and you may well have them mounted in different positions.

One thing to bear in mind when mounting the ESC is to try to place it in a position where it will get the maximum downdraft from the rotor blades to help in cooling, which they all need.

Many people disconnect the leads form the receiver after an accident or whatever, and then have no idea how to connect them. The diagram above shows this very clearly using the stock Esky 6 channel RX unit.  PLEASE NOTE that the WHITE or YELLOW wires on your connector leads go the TOP of the RX as shown in the small diagram above it

I will clarify them working from the bottom (1) to (B)

1 - Aileron.  Be careful as there are TWO separate Aileron Servos. So if you have done the RDTS modification, you may have to put this in 6 and the lead from the other aileron servo in 1, but usually the left hand aileron servo goes in here.

2 - The elevator servo goes here

3 - The connecting lead from your ESC fits here

4 - The main connecting lead form your gyro fits here. DO NOT Put the single control wire from the gyro (if you have one) in this one.

5 - This is for the single control wire from the gyro.

6 - This is for the OTHER aileron servo, rather confusingly referred to as the PITCH servo.  If the swash plate moves incorrectly, swap the leads in 1 and 6 over.

B - This is not used typically.

For additional cooling when using the stock Esky ESC, it is good idea to carefully cut away a square of the clear covering over the heat sink to let more air to pass over it directly, as the Esky ESC's are well know to get very hot very easily..

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