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   HOW TO - Correctly set the Brake to OFF on the ESKY stock ESC (V1 or V2)

This information applies to the ESC's provided with the Belt CP V1 & V2

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so below a little way is an image taken from an Esky "manual" if one can call it such, with all it's Chenglish words and phrases.  (I have to ask exactly how little would it cost them to have the translated properly for their massive sales to the the English speaking world.....)

The Esky ESC (Electronic Speed Controllers) are quite famous for being awkward to program their very limited programmable settings, and also for catching fire or simply failing far too often.

However, all Esky helicopters come with these ESC's, so it is very important for us to be able to set them up correctly for use with a helicopter.

I had a Belt CP come into the ChopperAddict Heli-Hospital as a patient recently , It was only ONE week old, but had been involved in a crash.  When I came to check the mainshaft after having removed the damaged blades etc etc, I noticed that it took about 25% throttle to get the motor to start turning, and worse yet, if you pull the throttle back down all the way, it stops absolutely dead, with no spool down whatsoever.

This is not a good thing for any helicopter, so I first checked the motor itself, but found no problems with it.

I then moved to the ESC, and decided to reprogram it to ensure that the BRAKE setting was OFF, which is the setting all helicopter SHOULD USE.

I tried one of my spare stock ESKY motors with this errant ESC and it then also stopped dead, which it doesn't do normally, so I felt I had proved that it was the ESC that was at the root of the problem.

But no matter what I did, it simply refused to change it's settings, despite my having the official ESKY documentation alongside me.  The number of beeps were different to those stated in the ESKY document, and although it appeared to change the brake setting, it still stopped dead on me.  

I was determined not to be beaten by this, so did a great deal of research on the Web, and finally came up with this little gem, as shown below.  It is a different "official" ESKY document, and the CHENGLISH translation is totally appalling, but if you very carefully read it over several times, you start to become aware of what the magic trick is to achieve the simple operation of changing the BRAKE setting on these ESC's...

I followed these instructions, and presto, I now definitely have the BRAKE OFF

To avoid your having to go through that painful process, I have translated it into real English below.

1 - Set the throttle on the TX to maximum throttle.
2 - Turn the TX on
3 - Connect the LIPO to the ESC in the helicopter - BUT BE READY TO MOVE REALLY QUICKLY.
4 - As soon as you hear the first BEEP, SLAM THE THROTTLE down to zero again
5 - Wait for the beeps to signal it has reset successfully.

You should hear 3 beeps - BI BI BI.  This means the ESC has the BRAKE OFF
If you still hear 3 beeps - BIBI BIBI BIBI, it has not worked, so repeat the process.

The real trick behind all of this is the fact that you ABSOLUTELY MUST pull the throttle ALL the way down BEFORE THE ORIGINAL BEEPS STOP.

All other documentation on these ESC's tell you to wait until the beeps have finished before moving the stick - THEY ARE ALL TOTALLY WRONG


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