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   HOW TO - How to check that your brand new ESKY Radio & ESC is working correctly

This information applies to all Esky ESC's and both the Esky stock 6 channel and also the Esky stock 4 channel TX (transmitters)

From my own experience, many of the Esky TX units that are shipped with Belt CP and the various CO-AX helis they produce have the throttle trimmer lever incorrectly set up so that the throttle often does not start to spool up until 20% or even more throttle is applied.  One patient in the heli-hospital required 50% throttle to start the motor running.

This means that you will never get it to run at full throttle, which is the optimum speed for all electric motors, so you will be using up your LIPO's faster, and will have less lift than you should have.

Equally, I have seen a few ESC's shipped with the BRAKE set to ON. This really is not advisable, as the motor will stop too suddenly when you pull back the throttle, with a good chance of it damaging the teeth on the main gear, which with the stock gear is exceedingly easy to do.

So lets see how to check for these things.

The ESC is the quickest and easiest one to check. 

Before doing so, please either remove the main blades, or better still, move the motor forward and retighten it there so that pinion is NOT TOUCHING THE MAIN GEAR TEETH AT ALL

Now Push the throttle lever ALL THE WAY DOWN, and also ensure that the throttle TRIMMER LEVER is also fully down.  Turn on the TX, and then arm the helicopter by connecting the LIPO to the ESC.

You will hear a set of 3 or 4 beeps.  The one you want is the one that goes BI BI BI BI.  This single beep ever 1/2 second tells us that the ESC BRAKE IS OFF, which is what we want.  If  yours goes BI BI , BI BI, BI BI then it means that you have got one with the BRAKE ON BY DEFAULT.

To rectify this, please read the information on this process in the Tips & Tricks section, or CLICK HERE to go there directly.

Once you have the BRAKE set to OFF, you can start to check the throttle stick and trimmer range.

Again ensure the motor cannot run up the rotor head, and then set the throttle stick and trimmer ALL THE WAY DOWN TO ZERO.  Turn on the TX and then arm the helicopter.

Once it has initialized successfully, slowly move the throttle stick up, and note at what position the motor starts to spool up.  Ideally it should be pretty soon after you start moving the stick, but NOT TOO SOON.

Once you know what position the motor starts to spool up, pull the stick fully down again, and this time slowly pull the trimmer upwards until the motor starts to spool up.  This should be about 1/4 of the travel of the trimmer.

If the stick movement is excessive to get the motor to spool, try moving the trimmer up until it just starts the motor, then pull it back slightly and retry the stick.  If the motor then spools just after you start moving the stick, you need to reset the trimmer position in the transmitter itself.

To do this, please read the information on this process in the Tips & Tricks section, or CLICK HERE to go there directly.

HAPPY FLYING  - WITH YOUR TX working as it should have when it was shipped by ESKY

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