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   SAFETY - Fitting the motor into your helicopter Fitting the motor into your helicopter

Most of us have to remove or refit a motor in our helicopters form time, and usually it is a straightforward task, but there are a couple of things you should watch out for.

There was a thread on the Heliguy forum recently of someone who kept on "frying" one ESC after another after he refitted a motor, as the motor refused to spool up.  The strange thing was that when he took it out of the helicopter again, it spun up just fine.

Many different ideas were put forward, but eventually, it transpired that he had not used the original bolts to refit the motor into the helicopter, and the mounting screws he was using WERE JUST A LITTLE BIT TOO LONG.

The result of this was that the screws were just bottoming out on the stator of the motor, stopping it from turning, which in turn meant the ESC provided overly high amperages trying to overcome the blockage, resulting in the ESC's burning out as well.

So overall, it cost this poor pilot the loss of 3 different ESC's before the problem was discovered.  A very expensive lesson to learn ?

So, before you mount a motor back into your helicopters, please do check that the bolts you are using are not TOO LONG. If necessary, grind/file some off to be really certain. 

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