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   HOW TO - How to change the main gear on a Belt CP quickly & easily

We have probably all had to change a main gear on the Esky Belt CP, for as we all know they are made of ridiculously soft plastic and the teeth strip at the slightest provocation.

The easiest and quickest way to do this is as follows.

1- Remove the main blades

2 - Unclip the connecting rods to the swash plate at the swash plate.

3 - Undo the retaining bolt at the bottom of the mainshaft directly underneath the two gears, taking care not to loose the nut on the other side, which is NOT fixed in the plastic of the gear.

4 - Gently but firmly pull the head and mainshaft upwards until the mainshaft is clear of the main gear.  You will probably have to pull the anti rotation pin out of the anti rotation bracket by gently bending the plastic bracket backwards.

5 - Slide the pair of gears out of the frame.

6 - Pull the main gear off the tail drive gear.

7 - Replace it with your new main gear.

8 - Push the pair of gears back into the frame gently but firmly, and position them so that the mainshaft can be pushed down through them again.

9 - Push the mainshaft fully down through the gears and into the bottom bearing. Don't forget to replace the anti rotation pin into the bracket the same way as you took it out.

10 - Rotate the main gear until the hole for the bolt is visible from the side. 

11 - Rotate the mainshaft until you see the hole in it for the retaining bolt, and push the bolt in.  You may have to use your hex driver and screw it in for it to go all the way through.

12 - Ensure you have the nut on the other side and tighten up as hard as you reasonably can.

13 - Reconnect the connecting rods to the swash plate.

14 - Refit the main blades.

JOB DONE - Average time is about 15 minutes maximum.

HINT - Search the web for the Helimax 400 main gear or the Blade 400 main gear or the Interceptor 400 main gear.  These are all direct replacements for the Esky part, but are much stronger and far longer lasting.

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