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   HOW TO - Fit a CopterX head to a Belt CP without needing the RDTS modificaton 

There is quite a bit of discussion in the forums about if, and how, you can fit a complete CopterX head to a Belt CP.

Well the answer is a resounding YES, and you can do so on a totally stock Belt CP without having to also do the famous RDTS mod (Reverse Direct To Swash).

I had an attendee come to me for a 1-on-1 "Master Class" on helicopter setup recently, and once we had set the stock head up correctly and flown it, he produced a brand new CopterX head, ready built, and asked if it was possible for me to fit this head to his helicopter. 

I will admit my first thought was that we would need to do the RDTS modification first, but we looked at the head in some detail, confirming that the connecting balls on the CopterX head are significantly larger than those on the Belt CP. In particular, the issue arises from the balls on the Swash Plate, in particular those on the outer ring that connect to the swash plate servos.

Also, the CopterX swash plates only has THREE connecting points, all 120 degrees from each other, as the elevator connection is on the same point as the Anti rotation pin, which has a ball on the inner part and then the pin outside that.  

Common belief is that you have to reverse the Swash Plate and move the anti rotation bracket to the front, which was something we did not want to do.

On closer inspection, we realised that if we left the original Esky Swash plate on, but used all the rest of the CopterX head, this would save a lot of problems such as moving the anti rotation bracket and moving the servos (RDTS mod)

The only outstanding problem that we had once we swapped the Swash Plates over was the connecting balls on the inner part of the swash plate, which were now too small.  Simple you say, use the balls form the CopterX swash plate.....

Well, you are only half correct, because it seems the threads on those same inner balls on the CopterX head are a slightly different thread pitch to those on the Esky Swash Plate.   I tried several other ball fitting bolts that I had in my spares boxes, but most were really a bit to short to hold the larger CopterX balls safely.

So in desperation, I tried one of the balls from the outer ring on the CopterX Swash Plate, and presto, they had the correct threads.

So, I removed all three and fitted them to the inner ring of the Esky Swash Plate, BUT I still had to find one other CopterX style ball and bolt which came from my Align spares box.  


For completeness, we also used the original Belt CP mainshaft, as it is a LITTLE longer than the CopterX mainshaft.  You *can* use the CopterX mainshaft if you want to, but you will find that it will not go all the way through the bottom bearing on the Belt CP, meaning it gets lightly less support. You also need to reverse the mainshaft in this case, and replace the top mainshaft clamp that holds the mainshaft up as far as it can with the same part from the Belt CP mainshaft.

Once that was done, we set it all up to get the mixer arms etc all nice and horizontal and parallel to the swash plate at 50% pitch, fitted the original Align 325 rotor blades he had on the helicopter, popped outside and flew it.

The owner was beside himself with both pleasure and surprise at the very positive difference it made to his helicopter.

So, why hang around, YOU can do this modification quickly and easily and 
for a very few can enjoy all the benefits of the CopterX rotor head.

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