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   SAFETY - WARNING - Fitting an Esky CNC head to your Belt CP 

Many Belt CP owners decide to fit a complete Esky CNC (aluminium) rotor head to their Belt CP's as one of the first upgrades they are likely to do.

Well that is just fine, although I would personally recommend that you first of all compare the price of the other common options, which are the CopterX head and the Align Trex 450 head, which are most certainly better quality that the Esky CNC offering, and are very little different in price

However, if you have already committed to an Esky CNC head, 
there are a few thing YOU REALLY MUST DO.

The first and most important thing is to dismantle it COMPLETELY, and then ensure that all of the parts are fitted correctly, followed by THREAD LOCKING ALL THREADS that go into the CNC. You do not need to use Thread lock where bolts go into plastic, BUT IT IS ESSENTIAL TO DO SO IN CNC or you will very soon discover that they will vibrate out, almost certainly causing you to crash, or possibly something even worse.

The other thing to note is that if your head comes in several pieces, DO CHECK THE DIAGRAMS to ensure you assemble the parts correctly.

I just had an older Belt CP v1 come through my Heli-Hospital after a substantial crash, and the owner had apparently purchased a new Esky CNC head for it due to the damage caused to the original one in the crash.  The owner had assembled the head, and at first glance it all looked fine, but further investigation found that the feathering shaft bearing housings were fitted back to front, the shim and thrust washers were incorrectly fitted, ALL of the screws and ball connectors were actually LOOSE in their relevant threads, and the washout linkage had been fitted upside down.  Had this helicopter been flown, another crash would almost certainly have have occurred in very short order.

NB - It is not necessarily just Esky CNC parts that need checking for thread locking, you should ALWAYS CHECK ANY CNC ASSEMBLY to ensure the bolts are thread locked.

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