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   HOW TO - How to bind the E-Sky 2.4Ghz TX to a different helicopter/RX

People are often mystified when they hear talk of "binding" 2.4 GHz radio transmitters (TX)  to the relevant Receivers (RX)

The most common, but a fairly typical one, is the stock E-Sky 2.4GHz radio system that ships with most of the E-Sky helicopters these days.

You may have a need to do this for various reasons, including wanting to use the same TX with a different helicopter, or because the system has simply lost it's bind information.  The more sophisticated radios are able to bind to and support multiple models, so releasing a current binding is not needed, but for those radios that only support one single model, you do have to release them first.

But firstly, what is this "Bind" information. Well, if you know anything about computing, you will have heard of the infamous GUID, which is simply a special and totally unique identification code that specifically identifies a particular device, or anything else for that matter.  All mobile phones have a GUID, and so does your TX.  You cannot change the GUID assigned to these helicopter devices, although you can with cell phones.  You can think of it a bit like the VIN # your car has that uniquely identifies it.

So, before any 2.4GHz RX will talk to any 2.4GHz TX, they both need to exchange this GUID information so they recognise each other, and then will not communicate with ANY OTHER SIMILAR DEVICE.

Now  your E-Sky helicopter probably arrived with the TX and RX already bound together, so if you wanted to change the relationship, the first thing you need to do is RELEASE the ORIGINAL BINDING INFORMATION

To do so is pretty simple, and most often involves just powering up the RX alone, and then using a small screwdriver or similar to push in a tiny button in one end of the RX.  Once this releases the bind, the LED in the RX will typically flash quickly and constantly to show it has no connection.

Now all you need to do is to stand your TX within 1 metre or so at most from the already powered up RX, and then power up the TX. The LED in the RX will behave differently, and you may hear some beeps, then the RX LED will go steady again.  Try the controls on your TX and you should find that you are now in control of that different model.

NB the original model can now be bound to a different (compatible)TX.

When doing this be very careful not to have two different RX's powered up when you want to power up the TX and let one bind to it.  The results of having two RX's close during a bind session are very unpredictable.

CAUTION - It is not often possible to bind RX's of a different make to other TX's, so for instance you cannot bind an E-Sky 2.4Gz RX to a Spektrum DX6i, it just will not work.

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