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   HOW TO - An easy way to use larger Lipos in the Interceptor 400
I think this is probably quite obvious to many, but perhaps not to everyone.

I have built several Interceptor 400 helicopters for other people so far, and in each case I have had to supply the shorter in length Esky Lipos because the canopy does not provide sufficient room to fit the longer lipos such as the excellent RapidCharge units that are now available from Heliguy.

The work around for this is quite simple. Just get yourself a standard Trex style canopy, which are far nicer than the originals, much stronger, and let you fit the longer LIPO's in the battery tray just perfectly.

The other thing you have to do is to add a short tray extension made of Plywood or something else light but strong to provide a bit more support for the longer battery

QUICK - EASY and looks good too.


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