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      HOW TO  - Use 2 LIPOS to power your helicopter
I am often asked if this is possible to get longer flight times - The answer is of course - YES, you can do so.  However, don't forget you will need a lot more room in the helicopter, and of course, watch the CoG when you position them as they will be heavier as well.

The benefits of doing so are that you will get longer flight times, as wiring them in parallel doubles up the Amperage (Mah) but keep the Voltage (V) the same at 11.1V.

So the trick is to wire them up in PARALLEL to double the Mah value, while retaining the 11.1V power.  If you wired them in SERIAL, you would get 22.2V and 2200Mah, which is NOT what you want to achieve.

You can purchase ready made harnesses to wire two lipos together in both serial or parallel, but both are very easy to make up yourself as long as you have a soldering iron, some decent cable and some Deans plugs and some heat shrink to insulate them.

CLICK for larger image CLICK for larger image
As you can see from the pictures above, a FEMALE DEANS plug is wired up with TWO wires on each pin.

IMPORTANT - the RED (positive) wire goes to the base of the plug - ALWAYS CHECK THIS with your LIPO plug before soldering or you will short the lipos out for sure.

Then you take one red plus one blue/black wire to the two MALE DEANS plugs - AGAIN - watch out for the correct polarity of the terminals you connect them to.

Here is a diagram showing EXACTLY how a parallel harness is wired up.  Just make sure you connect the red wires to the same pin on all Deans connectors, and the blue/black to the other, as shown below.


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