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   INFORMATION - About the various types of radio systems

This is an important topic, as the Radio System that you use to fly  your helicopter with is a crucial part of the overall system.

The first thing you need to understand is that there are three basic types of Radio Control radio systems.  They are as listed below :

1 - 35MHZ - Older style radio using the UK/EUROPE frequency of 35 Megahertz

2 - 72MHZ - Older style radio using the USA/CANADA frequency of 72 Megahertz

3 - 2.4GHZ - Latest style radio that is used in all countries on the same frequency of 2.4 Gigahertz

These can be further subdivided into what are known as 

1 - "stock" radios, such as those that are provided in RTF kits by the manufacturer of the helicopter, Esky is a classic example of such a radio system.

The stock radios usually come with fixed pitch and throttle curves that you cannot really alter very much, although the Esky one does provide a small adjustment knob to provide some control over this.

2 - Computer Radios, such as those produced by Spektrum, Futaba and JR.  These typically offer powerful configuration options that allow you to control exactly how your helicopter will fly, assuming of course, that you can also fly it.....

The computer radios are almost 100% 2.4 GHz nowadays, which gets less interference than the older 35 and 72 MHz systems. It also has a better range, and a nice short aerial that you do not have to fully extend every time you fly, as is the case with the MHz systems

Most computer radios can store the setups for 10 or more different heli models, so you just select the model you are going to fly and presto, all settings are correct for that model.

It is generally agreed that the stock radios described above are poorly built and unreliable, and do not make the task of learning to fly a helicopter any easier at all.  So one of the first things you might want to consider is looking at the various different radios out there, and upgrading sooner rather than later.


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