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      INFORMATION  Take advantage of DUAL RATES with a computerised radio system
I have been setting up Computerised radios for quite some time now for other helicopter pilots, and have been surprised at how many do not realise that the DUAL RATES system can be used to very good effect for flying helicopters.

The setup for DR (Dual Rates) is on the same screen as Expo, and is controlled by the values in the first column on a D6i.  By default these are set to 100%.

So what are Dual rates you are asking ?

Very simple really, they provide you with a quick and effective way to change the amount of total movement your swash plate is allowed to make.  In other words, if your endpoint and swash mix settings allow a lot of movement (for 3d style flying or similar), you can use the DR to provide you with a second and lesser setting that limits that movement, making the helicopter far softer to control and therefore far less twitchy.

The dual rates operate very simply.  If you were to set the Aileron and elevator DR rates to 70%, then to limit all cyclic movement can be done rapidly by flicking the Aileron & Elevator DR switches to the ON (1) position.

A really useful reason for this is to soften the helicopter down when returning to hovering manoeuvres from FFF or aerobatic flight.

So why don't YOU experiment a bit with these useful settings ?

Set Aileron and Elevator DR to 80%, then switch those two switches ON and take off and bring it to a hover.  You will quickly feel the difference it makes

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