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This tip applies only to the Interceptor 400 !!!

I am very often asked by people on the HeliGuy Int400 Forum about what upgrades are needed with a brand new Interceptor 400 purchased as a kit or part assembled kit.

I know you may be asking why do you need to do anything, but the facts are that the kits have not caught up with knowledge learned from building a great many of these fine helicopters.

These are the few things you REALLY SHOULD DO to avoid problems later on...

1 - Stopping the unwanted and dangerous tail gearbox rotation.

Get two of the longer 21 mm screws, plus 2mm nuts to go with them, and use these to fit the tail gear box assembly to the boom.  The original bolts are about 18mm, and only just go through the plastic of the other side, which means the tail gearbox is not fitted tightly enough and will, quite quickly, shear off the small plastic locating lug, leaving the tail gearbox to rotate on the boom quite easily.  Use the longer nuts and then put nuts on the other side and tighten full.  

2 - Avoid a common problem where one of the tail blades can easily fly off

Get longer bolts to replace the bolts that hold the tail blades onto the tail blade grips, and again, nuts to go with them.  These should NOT be tightened up fully, but should allow the tail blade to drop under its own weight, so when the bolt is tightened up enough to allow that, add a nut and use THREAD LOCK ON IT.  This modification will avoid a common problem where one of the tail blades can easily fly off, which is dangerous to anyone around (you included) and will cause a crash.

3 - Lipo type and positioning

A lot of people assume that the lipo battery should lie down on its widest side on the battery tray. THAT IS WRONG. The INT400 has the lipo standing up on its thinner side, so that it butts up against the cross member in front of the motor. The best way to secure it is to use Velcro on the battery tray and lipo.  The best battery to use that fit the tray are 11.1V, 2200 Mah 25C but they MUST be no longer than 103 mm or the canopy will not fit

I hope that this information will ensure that your new Interceptor 400 will go together and fly well and safely

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