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How To  Reset the min/max and centre stick positions correctly using the hidden Service menu

NB - This tip applies only to the Spektrum DX7 transmitter !!!

Many people with a Spektrum DX7 find that the radio minimum and maximum throws do not move to their full extent correctly according to the monitor.

Let me explain the problem. You need to select a model that has zero sub trim settings in it and then enter the monitor screen (with all the slider monitors). Now when you move for example throttle stick up the slider goes to 98/99%. But when you really push the stick it goes to 100%. Repeat this with throttle down. After proper calibration max and min stick throws should be the full min/max values. This means that when you gently go max stick throw it's 100% and when you push your stick hard it will NOT over value. It will remain 100%. That is how they SHOULD BE ...

To calibrate the sticks you have to go into the (hidden secret) service menu. Here is how to do just that.

1. Make sure you have a zero sub trim and trim profile selected.

2. Go to your model select menu (down+select hold and power up).

3. Scroll to the menu "MODEL RESET". It's the one with the timer running.

4. Now you are going to enter the secret service menu.  Here is how to do so.

4a. Make sure aileron Dual Rate switch is in upper position.

4b. Now follow these steps very carefully : 

Press decrease, flip aileron, press increase, flip aileron, press decrease, flip aileron, press increase, flip aileron, press decrease, flip aileron, press increase, flip aileron, press decrease, flip aileron, press increase.

4c. The Tx will beep and the screen goes black. You are now (finally!) in the hidden service menu.

5. Scroll to the menu "sticks centre ?".

6. Make sure your sticks are centred and trims are centred and then press "clear". This will program the sticks centre.

7. To get a good non-jittering centre, press clear again and see if anything changed. Number 3 which is throttle can be a bit difficult. Realign throttle centre and press clear again. Press clear again to check for centre jittering.

8. Ok all done now so we will go to stick throw calibration.

9. Scroll to the screen where you will find columns labelled st1, st2, st3, st4 with a row of 3 values.

10. Move the sticks and notice how the value behind "st" changes as you go and how the arrow in front of the value below changes position. The arrow shows max and min position.

11a. Let's calibrate "ST1", elevator stick.

11b. Move the elevator stick up to the end.

11c. Don't break your stick at the maximum. Rather gently put it at max throw and hold it there. Look at the actual ST1 value. If it is jittering values find the sweet spot.

11d. Now hit "clear" to lock this value as maximum throw.

11e. Stick down same thing, find the sweet spot without force and non jittering number.

11f. Hit "clear" to set this as minimum throw.

12. Use "select" to move trough ST2, ST3, ST4. Use the same method as point 11.

13. Done? Now scroll to the monitor menu. Here you can check maximum and maximum and minimum stick positions.

14. Important! Scroll to the menu asking "ALL SETTINGS OK?".

15. Press "clear" to answer with YES.

16. Your done and your DX7 TX is setup fully as it should have been out of the factory.

I do hope this was useful. ?


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