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From this page you can download any of my tutorials covering building, repairing, modifying,  setting up and flying Radio control helicopters.

All of the tutorials are in PDF format, but are Zipped to create the smallest possible file size,  so you will need WinZip and the freely available Adobe Acrobat reader to view them.


If, as I hope, you find any of the tutorials useful, can I ask you to please save them to your local hard disk rather than returning here each time to download them again, as constant downloads mean a higher cost to pay for the additional bandwidth on my server.

If you have any comments on any of these, please do let me know, as I always welcome comments, ideas, suggestions, critiques, corrections etc.  These will all help to make these documents as accurate and informative as possible for all future readers.

Just click on any link below and save the ZIP file in your favourite chopper docs folder, Unzip and read it.

These are all being updating on a regular basis, so please pop back from time to time to check out the current releases.

Please note, these documents are all Copyright Ian Turner 2009, and may not be used for any other commercial purpose, or included in full or part in any other document without the written permission of the author.

MY CURRENT HELICOPTER TUTORIALS (from July 2009 onward)             


Download this ChopperAddict tutorial...  0 -  A total beginners guide to RC electric helicopters  (V1.00) 
As the title says, this is aimed at anyone that has never really seen an R/C helicopter up close before.  It covers all the stuff
you need to know before you even get close to trying to fly your new helicopter.


Download this ChopperAddict tutorial...  1 - Setting up a collective pitch helicopter (from ground zero)  (V1.09) 
This tutorial covers in great detail exactly how to perform the mechanical setup of the helicopter and how to get the radio components and servos aligned correctly.  This is a MUST READ for anyone that has just got a collective pitch helicopter.
Download this ChopperAddict tutorial...  2 - How to correctly assemble and fit a Trex 450 style head to a Belt CP  (V1.02)
This is an advanced topic covering the right and wrong ways of assembling and fitting the well known Trex 450 style rotor head. There are several nasty pitfalls you can fall into unless you know this rotor head fairly well, and this tries to help you miss the traps.
Download this ChopperAddict tutorial...  3 How to fit TowerPro SG90 servos to a Belt CP and dodge the pitfalls (V1.03)  
Many people choose to change form the stock Esky servos to the very popular TowerPro SG90 servo, which are stronger and more reliable.  However, there are a few things you need to know before setting out on this upgrade, and this covers them in detail.
Download this ChopperAddict tutorial...  4 Guide to the full Reverse DTS modification for the Belt CP  (V1.00) 
A detailed guide to one of the best known and talked about modifications that is made to the Esky Belt CP helicopter. It shows you exactly how to mount the servos that you have direct to swash (DTS) operation between the servos and the sash plate, which vastly improves the way the Belt CP flies.


Download this ChopperAddict tutorial...  5 - Learning to hover a collective pitch helicopter (V1.02) 
This is again aimed directly at the total newbie pilot, and goes through each stage of learning to hover a R/C helicopter in great detail.  If you cannot yet hover, read this and it should save you money and smooth your way through one of the hardest things to do with an R/C helicopter.
Download this ChopperAddict tutorial...  6 - Moving on from the Hover to forward flight  (V1.02) 
In the same way as the previous tutorial,, this moves forward from the hover, and teaches you how to to start moving around under full control, going from the hover all the way through to Fast Forward Flight (FFF) and into flying circuits.
Download this ChopperAddict tutorial...  7 Learning to fly basic aerobatics with a helicopter (V1.00) 
Moving on again from the previous tutorial, this one teaches you how to perform Stall Turns, Immelman turns, Loops, Rolls and similar simple aerobatics - not one for the faint hearted. But don't be put off by that, as you to *can* fly aerobatics if your learn how to do them correctly.


Download this ChopperAddict tutorial...  8 FULL & detailed guide to the Spektrum DX6i (V1.01) 
The vast majority of helicopter pilots decide quite early on to move up to a much better radio system. The Spektrum DX6i is one of the most popular of such radio systems.  But due to the many options and configurations they provide, most people find them almost impossible to configure initially.  This tutorial goes through all of the options in full detail, and will hold your hand right through the process.
Download this ChopperAddict tutorial...  9 Guide to setting up a DX6i & heli for the very first time   (V1.01) 
This tutorial is similar in some ways to the one above, but it follows on by talking abut the changes you will need to make to your helicopter when you switch it over to flying with the Spektrum DX6i radio system.

My (HeliArtists) SeaWolf with her floats on... My Seawolf in development... Sorting out my seaWolf's armaments...

Some pictures of my SeaWolf with Belt CP mechanics fitted


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