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Why do I offer to setup any radio controlled (collective pitch) helicopter ?

Because, from my own experience, most collective pitch helicopters that come to me for setup or repair are so badly configured that it is a miracle that they even fly at all.  In fact many don't, which is how most of them to arrive on my heli hospital workbench.

I want to offer this setup service as a because I know only too well that it is difficult for a new pilot to understand any of this as they may well have only just got a new helicopter, and have fallen into the classic trap of thinking that they can just fly it out of the box, which usually has the dreaded RTF (ready to fly) label all over it, which typically results in a crash of some form very rapidly. All that RTF really means is that in the box is everything needed to fly, BUT it does NOT MEAN that the helicopter is actually setup ready to fly, they are usually very far from being ready to fly ...

So to get you flying, or back to flying in the full knowledge that your helicopter will have been setup and TEST FLOWN successfully, why not take advantage of my setup service ?

I do this because it is my way to put back into my hobby in some way for all the enjoyment it has provided to me over the many years I have been building and flying RC helicopters.


I am based just north of Blackpool in Lancashire, so if you are ever in this area, please feel free to drop in and have a cup of Tea or Coffee with me in my workshop/hanger

I am a recently retired guy who has been flying R/C helicopters for around 18 years now, going back to large nitro choppers and even gassers such as the Kalt Baron, Schluter Champion, and the smaller Kyosho Concepts.  I am also a licensed UK General Aviation pilot (PPL) with around 1500 hours of P1 time logged in various different types, and have around 8 hours logged on Robinson R22 helicopters as a student.

I found very early on in this hobby that I really enjoyed the building side of it almost as much as flying them, and that led me to experiment with different helicopters to improve their performance. That was no real surprise to me as I had been a performance and competition car builder for many years, and have raced many types of cars over the years

Nowadays I fly mostly electric helicopters such as the Esky Belt CP, the CopterX 450 SE V2 and the Trex/Align 450/500.  I enjoy scale building and flying rather than 3D, but can set up a collective pitch helicopter to fly best in any way you prefer to fly your helicopter.

Because I am retired, I have lots of free time, and what better way to fill it than to help other helicopter pilots while doing what I really enjoy doing.


It is very simple indeed, you send me your heli, together with any spare parts you may have if you feel they are going to be needed, If it needs repair I will check it for all possible damage, report my findings back to you, with a list of parts needed and the total likely cost. I will then order those parts with your authority, and fit them to ensure your heli is in a better condition than it was before your crash. I will then return it to you in the original box by whatever means of shipping you prefer (at your cost).

If you have crashed your helicopter, I usually ask you to let me have it in it's crashed form, rather than after you have stripped it all down, as this gives me a much better chance of assessing what other damage may have been caused, and ensuring that any other possible hidden problems are identified early.

Providing that any parts required can be obtained in a reasonable time scale, most repairs take around 10/14 days or so to complete. (weather permitting for flight testing)

I try to hold a reasonable stock of general small parts for the well known types of helicopters to avoid having to necessarily purchase expensive assemblies when you very probably only need a small part of it. 

If your helicopter is not crashed, it is more simple, as I only need to do the full mechanical setup, plus setting up the radio if you have a programmable radio, and then TEST FLY your helicopter to make the final adjustments, as every helicopter is different.


There is however a lot more value that my setups offer you while I have your helicopter in my workshop

a) I ensure that your helicopter is setup correctly mechanically so that it will fly as is supposed to (MOST ARE NOT - believe me), and 

b) If required I can soften it down (called dumbing it down) so that it is nothing like as twitchy and uncontrollable, which in it's turn means that you have a very much better chance of learning to hover your heli without crashing again and again.

If you feel my set up service might be of interest to you, please email me in the first instance at :  

You can also SKYPE me at chopper_addict  (note the underscore, not hyphen)

CLICK HERE to see some pictures of my workshop


In case you are (still) not aware, I also have quite a few tutorials (in PDF format) that I have written over time covering many of the skills involved in the hobby of building and flying helicopters.

These can be downloaded by following this link...


Pictures of the range of helicopters I have in my own hanger


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