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Welcome to a brand new and powerful addition to the Chopperaddict web site 

The ChopperAddict Forum

This new forum is solely about radio controlled, collective pitch helicopters such as the Interceptor 400, Belt CP/CPX, Align Trex 450/500/600, Copter-X and others.

Naturally you need to register to use the forum, 
so why not get started right away by 
clicking the link below

  -->  The ChopperAddict Forum  <--  

Anyone with an interest in R/C collective pitch 
helicopters is more than welcome

Please join in and help to make this new forum 
the ultimate place to discuss everything to do with 
R/C collective pitch helicopters !

The more people that subscribe AND USE the forum 
regularly the faster it will build up to be a 
really useful source of help and information.

Active subscribers will give a forum it's lifeblood !