Learning to hover an R/C Helicopter

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If you can get to the Blackpool area and spend a full day with me and I will start to teach you how to fly an R/C helicopter with a brief talk.  Then you will be straight in at the deep end and flying a tethered Quadcopter which will let you get used to the cyclic control movements that are exactly the same as a helicopters, and are so important to learning the art of hovering a helicopter.

Don't panic, the quadcopter (Quad) is setup to be extremely stable so almost anyone can fly it safely, but it will teach you the basics of helicopter controls very quickly and safely.

The basic Quadcopter before all the wiring is done. 
There are electric motors at the end of all four arms, hence the name Quadcopter.

I would hope to have you taking off using the Hover-EZE tether fairly quickly so that YOU fly the Quadcopter free totally with no other control over it except of course YOU at the controls.

I have found that this method of introducing a new helicopter pilot to the mysteries of hovering is great because Quads are inherently stable, so they can almost hover by themselves, but you can exercise the cyclic stick to make it go forward, backward and sideways in exactly the same way as you  do with a helicopter.  Equally you use the throttle/pitch lever to make it climb and descend.

The only difference is that while the Quad is inherently STABLE, a helicopter is very certainly inherently UNSTABLE, and therefore the pilot (and that's you !) has to continually correct it as it tries to not stay level.  You need to imagine helicopters as being placed on top of a 3 foot long pointed stick that is directly under the helicopters Centre of gravity (COG)  Due to this it simply does not balance, and will try to fall off the pointed stick in any direction at all.

So to help  you initially we will have the helicopter attached to my Hover-EZE rig which again helps you to improve your command of the cyclic while not having the helicopter disappear off in all directions.

Hopefully by the end of the day we should be able to take you off the Hover-EZE rig and let you try it for real, with the helicopter just sitting on training legs, and by the end of the (very busy and high pressured) day you should certainly know how to hold a reasonable hover with a helicopter.  After that it is just up to you to practice, practice, practice....

Why not call or email me for more information on these great hover training days.