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A4 - Interceptor 400 - How do you set up the 'Soft Start' in the ESC ?

For the purposes of this question, I am going to assume that you have the Acer Lab 40A ESC fitted to your helicopter, as this is what most INT400 builders use.

All Helicopters quite obviously have to get their main blades up to flying speed, and to do so means the ESC increases power to the motor to spin them up according to your throttle position.  However, some ESC such as the Esky standard offering do not provide what is called a slow start option, which means that the motor starts up very rapidly. This can and does cause stripping of the teeth from the main gears quite easily.

The best way to overcome this is to purchase a "decent" ESC that does provide various settings including a slow start option.  With the Acer Lab 40A, Hobbyking Pentiums and various other clones of this well known ESC you can buy a small card that plugs into the ESC and lets you set everything up very easily.  If you do not want to do that, most decent ESC's provide a documented way to achieve whatever settings they provide by using the Tx to get teh ESC into "setup" mode, and then moving one of the sticks in certain directions to set the options one by one in sequence.


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