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A4 - Interceptor 400 - How/Why do I set the pitch to zero at mid throttle as I keep seeing mentioned ?

This is a thorny question that is always being asked, but not often answered correctly, or in sufficient detail.

Before you consider doing this, you must do the full mechanical setup first. This is covered in this Q&A area and you can read it by clicking here.

Some of the logic about the zero pitch is already covered in that answer, but I will explain it in a little more detail here.

One of the  best kept secrets abut R/C helicopters is the mechanical setup, and it really is crucial to getting any of them to fly anywhere near reasonably.  Once you have done that however, the (almost) last step is to check and get the blades set to a pitch of zero degrees with the throttle stick set to give you 50% pitch.  

What you are actually doing here is trying to get the swash plate to be exactly central on its maximum movement up and down the main shaft. By doing so, it means that the pitch changes you eventually program into you radio to actually fly with will be accurate either side of the zero pitch position. If the swash plate is not centred like this, you will find that the pitch settings you put into your pitch curve will not be correct in the final test of flying, they will be biased by the offset of the swash from is centre position.


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