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B3 - Belt CP - How do you set the tension of the tail drive belt ?

This is a very simple task really.

The first thing to do is to loosen the screw that holds the horizontal fin on the boom so that the boom can slide through it a small distance.  Now pick the helicopter up and look at the left hand side rear where the boom goes into the boom holder block. You will see that there are 4 recessed screw heads there.  Ignore the top ones, but loosen the lower ones a bit. 

Now hold the tail assembly and gently pull the boom backwards. You may have to also wriggle it a little, but be gentle as the boom has a slot in it a the front to locate it, so it cannot be wriggled very much. Pull the boom backwards as far as it wants to go and then check the belt tension with a longish small screwdriver. Push one side of the belt inwards. It should go to about midway, but not far enough to touch the other side. 

Making sure the boom doesn't slide back inwards, tighten to two screws as tightly as you can.

Recheck the belt tension. I like it tight enough that if I hold the tail blades hard and then turn the main blades clockwise, they will just allow the belt to click over the teeth with reasonable force being used.

Your tail belt tension is now correct.


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