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B5 - Belt CP - How do I change the direction of rotation of the tail rotor ?

Changing the direction the that the tail rotor moves can be done in two different ways.

In my view by far the easiest way is to change it at the front by removing the boom from the helicopter completely. To remove the boom you just need to loosen the four screws that hold the boom clamp together tightly.  These are just small self tapping screws. Next undo the 2 screws that holds the horizontal stabilizer in place so that the boom can slip through it, and finally disconnect the plastic tail pitch control rod connector that you will find at the back under the tail casing.

Now that the boom is loose, push it inwards a little so that you can lift the tail drive belt off the small gear that it goes around behind the mainshaft. Pull the boom backwards until it clears the 2 boom supports.

You will be able to see that the drive belt is sticking out of the front of the boom.  Care needs to to be taken here, as the belt has to be rotated through 90 degrees (and no more) in the correct direction so that when lying horizontal at the front, and rotated /ANTI CLOCKWISE, the tail rotates ANTI CLOCKWISE as well when viewed from the right side of the helicopter.

If you happen to turn the belt more than 90 degrees, you can usually feel the teeth catching each other. If so, turn it back until it is vertical and does not show any tendency to want to turn by itself, which usually indicates it is then parallel all the way down the boom.

I like to try pulling the bottom of the belt at the front and watch the tail rotate. If the belt seems free, and the tail rotors are turning ANTI CLOCKWISE, then simply turn the belt 90 degrees CLOCKWISE when looking at the boom from the BACK. This will be the correct position for the belt to be fitted over the drive pulley.

Refit the boom carefully, making sure the belt does not turn any more, push the boom in as far as it will go and carefully fit the belt over the tail driven gear pulley. Now pull the boom backwards to tension it so that when pressed gently together at the front, the two sides of the belt cannot quite touch. Tighten the boom support clamps fully, and refit and tighten the horizontal stabilizer.

That's all there is to it....


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