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B8 - Belt CP - How  do you set up the stock Esky gyro ?

The Esky Heading Hold gyro is quite simple to setup really.  First of all, you need to switch it into RATE mode, NOT Heading Hold. You can tell by looking at the small red LED on the gyro.  If it is ON then the gyro is working in HH mode, if not, it is in RATE mode

Now check the small adjustment pots on the top of the gyro and set the delay to ZERO, and the limit to maximum.  You can adjust the limit down again later on.

Next you need, if possible, to mount your helicopter on a turntable first, but if you do not have one, you "can" do this by very carefully holding the helicopter in your hand. If you do hold it in your hand, WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES and a SAFETY HAT if possible - JIC

Now gently spool the helicopter up to just under 50% throttle, and see if it is trying to turn one way or the other. Operate the rudder to try to correct this, and even use the trims on the radio to try to find a position where the helicopter is not trying to turn by itself.

Once you have found the best position, move the servo on the boom to get it roughly holding the helicopter heading and then re-center the trims if moved, and test it again.

Now switch to HH MODE, and do the test again. You will usually find that there is a difference, so re-adjust to suit HH mode, which is where you want the most from your gyro.

The last thing to do is to re-adjust the limit on the gyro so that the gyro itself cannot overdrive the servo, and then adjust the gain in your radio so that the tail does not wag. The best way to do this usually is to turn the gain fully up (100%) and then hover the helicopter and reduce the gain until the tail stops wagging when you increase/decrease the throttle rapidly.


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