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C4 - GENERAL - Can I use different types/makes of servo to control my CCPM swash plate ?

If you do not  know the difference between CCPM and single servo design, CLICK HERE

Basically it is NOT a good idea to use different makes of servos on the swash plate of any CCPM helicopter. The reason for this is that each servo is designed for a slightly different task, and can therefore have a longer total movement, or move at a different speed to another make.

If you were to have that situation on a CCPM helicopter, the faster servo would lift it's side of the swash plate faster, causing it to tilt when it should be lifting or dropping and staying level. The same problem applies if the total arc of movement of one servo is longer, as it will move it further in both directions to to the other servos, again making the swash plate tilt.

So the basic rule here is to always use exactly the same make and type of servo when changing a swash plate servo on a CCPM helicopter.

If however, you have a single servo (non CCPM system) then this does not apply as each servo does it's own job entirely, not in conjunction with the other servos as it does with CCPM mixing, so then you can mix them if you wish to do so.



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