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C4 - GENERAL - Why is head speed important when I am hovering ?

If the rotor head speed is too low, the helicopter will be virtually uncontrollable, and a typical sign of too slow a head speed is the helicopter nodding fore and aft in the hover.

Most people reckon a head speed of around 2200 rpm is correct for a 400-450 size helicopter.

If your helicopter nods, or if it is very slow to respond to cyclic inputs, there is a good chance that the head speed is too slow.

To change this, you need to adjust the throttle and pitch curves in your radio (assuming you have a programmable radio that is) Normally, a 5 point throttle curve should be something like 0, 35, 65, 80, 90, 100, so that the head speed generated by the motor  is between 70% and 80% when the helicopter is hovering.

Naturally, the amount of pitch you have will effect that motor head speed due to the loading it puts on the motor. a reasonable pitch curve for a beginner learning to hover is something like 30, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, which should give you a pitch range of -4 degrees through +4 at mid throttle and up to +9 at full throttle.

Those setting should give a perfectly acceptable head speed.



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