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C4 - GENERAL - What is the difference between CCPM and NON CCPM ?

The first thing I suspect I need to do is explain what CCPM is........

CCPM stands for Computerised Collective Pitch Management, and all helicopters that use this form of pitch control have a swash plate that has the connecting balls to the servos placed at 120 degrees to each other (a few use 140 degrees too, but these are rarer).

A NON CCPM helicopter ALWAYS has a swash plate with balls placed at 90 degrees to each other. With this system, a single servo is totally responsible for each of the three swash plate movements, Elevator, Aileron and Collective Pitch. 

With CCPM systems, all three servos work together to control these same three movements, which is why the computerised radio is needed.

The major claimed benefit of CCPM over non CCPM  is that you can adjust the overall swash movement more precisely, but many will argue that is no longer true with modern non CCPM systems.



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