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D1 - RADIO - I keep hearing that the Esky radio is not very good - Why is this ?

The first thing I need to do here is to cover myself by saying that the reasons I give here are not solely my own, but also those of most other RC heli pilots.

1 - Esky decided with the Belt CP to provide a helicopter that they could claim was 3D capable. To be even close to be being capable of 3D, the radio required a 2nd set of curves for Throttle and Pitch that would meet the requirements of inverted flight, which meant a throttle curve that maintained as high a head speed as possible at both full and ZERO throttle.  The Pitch curve also had to provide a range of at least -10 to +10 degrees.

Esky did this by adding what they call the IDLE-UP switch, which takes you from a normal set of curves that give zero to full throttle and a pitch range of -4 to +8 to  those above.

The problem this causes is that because the ESKY ESC has no acceptable soft start mechanism, as son as you switch into IDLE UP mode, the motor spools up as fast as possible, often tearing the teeth off the main gear.

A great many new pilots have discovered this to their cost, so do NOT TRY THIS SWITCH unless you know exactly what to expect..

2 - Both sets of curves are fixed in the radio, so you cannot adjust them at all.

3 - There is no provision for setting or using dual rates.

4 - The throttle trims inside the the radio are often so badly adjust on delivery that you cannot get full throttle at all.

5 - The potentiometers used for both sticks often get scratchy very rapidly, giving poor control of the helicopter.



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