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D10 - RADIO - What are the swash plate settings use for ??

Basically there are two types of radios available on the market today, those that have fixed settings that yu cannot adjust such as the Esky offerings with the Belt CPx (and others) range, and the more expensive computerised radios that allow you to configure almost everything you might wish to to make the helicopter fly better, or to suit your skill level better.

The Swash plate setting that is the point of this article, is only available in computerised radios.

When you go into your radios configuration menu, you will normally find a SWASH SETTINGS option somewhere. If you don't it will almost certainly be because your helicopter does not use CCPM mixing, but rather uses what is known as Single Servo setup.

So if your helicopter uses CCPM (and a great many do) you can access the SWASH SETTINGS menu, and will find 3 items that you can change the values for.  These are usually named Aileron, Elevator & Pitch.  The range of values are typically from -100% to +100%.

By increasing the Aileron and/or Elevator values, you increase the total amount of movement of the swash plate for those inputs. When you are setting up a helicopter correctly and for the first time, you may well have to change these values from a positive value to a similar negative value to make the swash plate move in the correct direction.  You may also have to use the Servo reverse configuration in conjunction with this to achieve the correct movement.

Most of us start off by using these two configuration options to get the swash plate moving up and down in the correct direction, and staying exactly level as it does so.  The larger (or smaller if a negative value) you set these to, the more swash plate movement it will have, which means it will be more difficult to fly for a new pilot.  Typical setting for these are around 60% positive or negative as necessary.  One point to note is that you should NEVER use different values for the aileron and elevator, other than that possibly the sign is different.  eg: Aileron = +60%  Elevator = - 60%.  If you set the values to be different, the swash plate will have more movement in the higher value direction than the other, which usually leads to problems with the swash plate NOT staying level when you move only the throttle stick.

Once you have the swash moving up and down nice and level, you then need to check that the Aileron and Elevator inputs also move the swash in the correct direction.  Again you can change the sign from - to + or vice versa to achieve this, or you may also need to use the servo reverse options as well.  Keep going until you get it all right using these 2 configuration options

The final setting in the SWASH SETTINGS menu is for the Pitch.  This lets you control the maximum lowest and highest points that the swash plate can go to.  Naturally, if you are a 3D pilot and want +18 to -18 pitch range, you would set the pitch to -100% to + 100%, but you need to take care that the maximum and minimum swash positions d not make the swash plate bind on anything else.

Another point to bear in mind when setting up the swash is that you can also change these maximum movements to a large extent using the Travel or End point configuration option as well.



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