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D12 - RADIO - What are the MIX settings for ?

The mix settings are mostly for use by fixed wing (plank) pilots who want to have a relationship between typically throttle and another channel. Most often this is for fixed wing aircraft with elevons and similar controls that benefit from mixing aileron and elevator settings together to make the elevons work correctly..

You can mix most channels with most other channels on the modern radios, but for helicopter pilots, it is rare for them to be used as they are not very helpful.

One possible use with a helicopter is when using a rate only gyro (or even when not using a gyro at all) to mix rudder with throttle so that as you increase the throttle, the rudder also moves to counter the natural  rotation of the helicopter due to the main blades rotation.  But with modern heading hold gyros, you should NOT us mixing at all, as this will mess up their inbuilt sensing.

For helicopters, it is a good idea to always ensure that the Mixes are INHibited in the radio



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