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D12 - RADIO - Can you use the same type of receiver with different transmitters ?

The simple answer to this is NO ... and that applies to the older 35MHz systems as well as the newer 2.4GHz systems.  There is absolutely no compatibility at all between 35 MHz and 2.4GHz systems.

However there are some exceptions that I will cover later on, but first lets look at the main radio manufacturers.

Starting with the simplest type of non programmable radio, such as that supplied by Esky with their range of "beginner" helicopters, these are totally different in there operation to any other radio type, and therefore you can only use an Esky Receiver with an Esky Transmitter.

Moving up the range a bit, we come to the programmable radios such as those produced by Futaba, Sanwa, Spektrum, JR Propo, Hitec and some others.

Almost all of these manufacturers have chosen to go a different route using different technologies in their radio systems.  By this I mean that for example, Futaba use the FASST system, while Sanwa use FHSS, Hitec use AFHSS, while both Spektrum and JR Propo support DSM2.  Spektrum have recently brought out a newer version of DSM2 called DSMX that JR Propo do not currently support.

I do not propose to confuse you with what all these strange names mean, as it is not really relevant at all, but it suffice to say that none of these communications protocols are compatible with any of the others.  It's a bit like trying to run a Windows program on an Apple computer, you cannot do it.

Many of the more longstanding pilots you may talk to will tell you that a certain system is best, mostly because that is the one that they have been using for some time, and they are very used to it. In truth, all of the protocols are pretty well proven now, and work quite well, but you need to bear in mind that if you intend to have several different helicopters, they will all need to have a suitable receiver fitted to them that uses the correct protocol that matches  your transmitter with the exception of Spektrum and JR Propo, where you can use either Spektrum or JR receivers with the opposite transmitter.



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