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D4 - RADIO - How can I make my helicopter less twitchy using the radio ? 

The answer to this relies in part on what radio you have.

If we ignore the basic radios such as the Esky 6 channel, and assume that you have a computerised radio such as the Spektrum DX6i or similar then ......

There are basically 2 areas that you MAY need to setup to get the heli flying as gently as you want it to fly.

1 - Use the Travel Adjust menu (End Points as they are sometimes called) to limit the total aileron and Elevator movement the swash plate can achieve.  When doing this, you need to be aware that with most radios you need to hold the stick in either direction because you can set the endpoints for each end separately.

Be a little careful doing this too much, as you still need to have enough control of the helicopter to recover it to level flight again if it gets into an unusual attitude.

2 - Use the EXPO control.  This is usually a part of the D/R (Dual Rate) setup.  Expo adjusts the actual amount of servo movement that occurs around the centre stick position.  By putting a positive value in expo for Elevator and Aileron, it takes more stick movement to achieve a given amount of movement of the swash in the relevant direction.  A negative value does the opposite, and makes the helicopter VERY TWITCHY around the centre point of the cyclic stick.



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