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D9 - RADIO - My radio does not have an Idle up setting - what goes on ?

The Idle up switch is one of the most important switches that every radio should provide.  As it's name implies, it sets the throttle and pitch curves to a special and different set that are usually used for flying circuits and aerobatics, but can quite usefully be used for hovering as well.

Some radio, usually the most basic types, do not offer an Idle up set of curves, so you are limited to the single curves provided in the radio.

In the majority of radios however this switch is provided.  On the basic radios, both sets of curves are set in the radio, and you cannot change them, which is not the best solution by a long way.  The Esky stock radio is the worst culprit at this, as the Idle up switch instantly sets the motor speed to about 85%, which means that if your throttle is fully closed when you throw the Idle Up switch ON, the motor spins up to high speed very quickly, which most of the time means that the teeth on the main gear are stripped straight off.  To counter this always wait until the throttle is up to around 50% before switching to Idle up with that type of radio.

The more expensive computerised radios allow you to configure the curves to be used with the Idle Up switch, and most often the ESC used proves a good super slow spool up option to overcome the main gear problems.

The benefit of using Idle Up is that once the motor and head are up to speed, that speed does not vary, as it does in normal mode, so maintaining the same altitude is very much easier.



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