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D9 - RADIO - What is the Throttle Hold Switch for ?

The Throttle hold switch is, to my mind at least, one of the most important switches that every radio should provide.  As it's name implies, it stops the throttle from being changed, or more precisely in most circumstances, it forces the throttle setting to be FULLY OFF. ensuring that the motor cannot spool up accidently.

When training my student to hover, I always call it the SAFETY SWITCH, rather than Throttle hold, as it improves the importance of this switch.

If you turn most radios on with this switch on, they will flash a warning and refuse to initialise.  Strange really as logically it should insist this switch is ON when the radio is powered on, but there it is.  So as soon as the radio has initialised, I make it mandatory for anyone to put the THROTTLE HOLD/SAFETY switch ON IMMEDIATELY.  (I am assuming here that it has been setup in the radio to be at least 0%, and preferable -5% or so to be really sure the motor cannot start)

This means that once you arm the helicopter, the motor cannot start up, even if you drop the radio or knock it over.  The only time you EVER TURN IT OFF is when you are literally ready to take off.

Equally,  as soon as the helicopter is back on the ground, always turn the SAFETY back ON before anyone approaches it.

The other reason it exists is for performing/practising auto rotations.  These are to allow you to learn to land the helicopter safely even though the motor has stopped.  I will not describe how to do auto rotations here, but is is quite obvious that if you kill the motor in flight using the THROTTLE HOLD/SAFETY switch, you have to land it really quickly.



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