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A large number of us like to fly a helicopter that looks as close to the real thing as possible, and that of course means putting some chosen mechanics inside a nice scale fuselage.

There are many fuselages available today to saturate our appetite for rare or less well known models, as well as the standard Airwolf, Hughes 300, Bell 222 and many other more commonly modelled examples. They are also available for quite a range of helicopter sizes, from 400 size up to 700 (0.90cc) so your choice is only curbed by how deep your pockets are.

Now it is true that some of these fuselages come ready painted and indeed as complete helicopter almost RTF (Ready To Fly) but the majority of them come as a large white or off white carbon or fibreglass outline with not even the  window apertures cut out.  This is where my Painting/Building service comes in.

Shown below is how I received a McDonnell Douglas MD900 (Notar) helicopter arrived. As you can see, it is just a bunch of large chunks of fuselage that will eventually go together to end up as a scale MD900.

And to prove the point, here is the finished article ...

There is actually a lot more than you might imagine to build this type of helicopter, starting at the very beginning with rubbing every part of the "white whale" down very thoroughly to get rid of all the chemicals used in the moulding process to allow the finished moulding to "release" from the moulds without damage.  Any little part of that release agent that is left will ruin the paintwork as it will not key to the moulding correctly.  That task alone can take several very hard working days.

However, if you already have a scale helicopter that has seen better days due to crashes, bumps, scrapes etc, it can often be well worth while having the painting redone to bring it back to it's original glory.

Here is an example of the paintwork side a Bell 206 Jet Ranger that I was asked to rebuild entirely quite recently.

As you can see, it was in a pretty horrible condition, but all the parts were there, so it was definitely worth doing.

The final result after quite a bit of time spent on it is shown below.


As you might imagine, there was a lot of work involved in this transformation, but in terms of cost it was not as expensive as you might imagine. In fact the charge for this work was under 450 including all the paint and materials. When new, this helicopter would have cost over 3,500

So as you can see, it can be quite economical to bring your old scale helicopter close to it's original condition (or maybe even better) so why not consider letting me take care of it for you ?

I can handle full paint jobs such as this, smaller repairs to correct crash damage, detailed airbrushing, changing colour schemes, or even bringing a heli up to as close to a chosen real size helicopter as it is possible to do allowing for the scale of the model.

I can also offer bespoke airbrushing of not only fuselages, 
but also larger canopies such as Thunder Tiger Raptor as shown below with a 
cloud, moon and stars scene on a dark blue sky background, all highly finished 
with clear coat for a really shiny professional finish.


Why do I do this sort of work so cheaply ?

Well, basically I really do enjoy bringing fuselages like this back to their original glory, or indeed, bringing the aircraft back to full flying order, as will be the case with this one.

So if you have an old helicopter, or even a modern one that wants some TLC to bring it back to how it used to look, and you would like me to give you a quote, just email me at

and tell me what you have got, and what you would like me to do to it.

or you can call me between 10:30  and 4.00 pm on 07990 57 81 48 to discuss it with my directly.