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A lot of us that fly helicopters want to fly something that looks like a real helicopter, and therefore look at scale models.

There are a lot of scale models available, some come already painted etc, but the majority of them come as kits.  Some kits have part or fully assembled mechanics, and some also have painted fuselages, but many leave the fuselage in the base white colour as it came off the moulds.

In any of these cases, there is more or less work needed to complete the scale helicopter of your dreams. This is where I come in, especially if you do not have the experience or skills or equipment to complete such a build.

I can handle anything from just painting the fuselage right through to completing the entire process, including painting the fuselage to whatever colour scheme you choose, fitting the mechanics, even fitting navigation lighting, landing lights, retractable undercarriage components etc.

Here are a few examples of scale helicopters I have built for clients.




So if you fancy a really nice scale model helicopter, why not contact me and talk about it, it can cost less than you think.

Just email me at  and tell me what you have want.

or you can call me between 10:30  and 4.00 pm on 07990 57 81 48 to discuss it with my directly.