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Hi there, and thank you for visiting this page of my Web site.  It is here to let everyone know exactly what I am trying to do with this web site.

First and foremost, the site IS REALLY AIMED at NEWBIE pilots, or even those of you out there who do not have the time, or knowledge, or even the wish to build/repair/set up your RC helicopters.

All of the helicopters that I handle are COLLECTIVE PITCH helicopters, and I am happy to handle helicopters of most sizes from the small Belt CP, through the 400 size Interceptor 400 and up through the large range of different makes of 450, 500, 600 and even 700 size helicopters. I handle both electric and nitro powered aircraft.  I do NOT handle Co-Axial helicopters or any of the tiny "indoor" helicopters

I also now handle multi rotor craft (MRC) such as DJI quad and hexacopters, with particular reference to FPV (First person view) and GPS setups.  If you are stuck trying to set an MRC up correctly why not ask me ?

The site started off solely as a single point of reference for new pilots, where I have tried to accumulate and PROVIDE EASY ACCESS TO ALL OF THE QUESTIONS the new pilots ask on the various Forums such as the one provided by HeliGuy.

This helps by keeping the forums to answer more complex stuff, as answers given to these constantly asked questions very soon scroll off the bottom of the forum lists, prompting new pilots to ask them again and again.

This information is divided into various different areas 

1 - My freely downloadable Tutorials covering all of the main stuff needed by a new pilot in substantial detail, ranging from setting up the helicopter to learning to hover to advanced flying techniques

2 - The Q&A area, that again has a lot of different answers to a large range of the simpler questions that are asked constantly.

3 - The Tips & Tricks area, that has a lot of different answers to a large range of the more specific questions that are asked constantly.

4 - Detailed Information on the most commonly used helicopters by new pilots. These are the Esky Belt CP, and the Interceptor 400. Both are relatively cheap starter helicopters that are more than adequate to get a new pilot learning to hover, which is the most essential, and difficult part of RC helicopter flying.

As a result of being asked so often if I could "just look" at someone's helicopter and make it fly properly, I have now various different free and commercial areas :

1 - Effective repairs to helicopters. This option covers that needed to perform a repair to a helicopter after it has been crashed.  It does not cover full rebuilds or really major reconstruction, neither does it cover repairs to scale helicopters.  

2 - Full mechanical set ups of your helicopter to ensure that it is adjusted correctly, all servo arms are perpendicular, the swash plate, mixer arms, washout arms and flybar control arms and blades are all horizontal. This set up is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to getting a helicopter to fly correctly, or indeed at all.  This service includes test flying your helicopter personally to ensure it is flying properly.

3 - Full radio set ups for any programmable radio such as those provided by Futaba, Spektrum and JR. I will configure your radio to ensure that your helicopter flies as YOU WANT IT, in other words a very gentle setup so that the helicopter is not twitchy and jumping around all the time for learners, through to full 3D set ups.  Radios are THE KEY to flying helicopters successfully, so setting them up correctly is again ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL CRUCIAL to getting a helicopter to fly correctly, or indeed at all.  This service includes test flying your helicopter personally to ensure it is flying properly.

4 - My 1-on-1 training days, which includes a good sandwich lunch and as much tea/coffee as you want. I can also offer helicopter repair/setup days, of hover/flight training days, or even mixed day.  Why not come and spend a day with me in my hangar as shown below and learn exactly how to setup your helicopter - a crucial skill, or start to hover successfully.

5 - I maintain a "Projects" area that covers in detail many of the longer term builds that I undertake, which can help tremendously to show you some of the problem and pitfalls of building helicopters.

6 - I provide endless advice to other pilots of all levels on various helicopter Forums, plus by email and even phone, and am always willing to answer questions that you are not able to find answers to elsewhere (such as on THIS WEB SITE). If you want to discuss which helicopter you should buy to get started, or to move upwards and onwards with, give me a call and I will be more than happy to chat it through with you

7 - I also now offer Fuselage and Canopy painting to a high level. I will undertake complete fuselage recoveries, including repairing damage to them where possible, and I can offer specialist airbrush painting as well. See below for before & after pictures of a Bell Jet Ranger B206.


BEFORE                                                        AFTER

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